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Topshop Blogger Event - WhatlaurenlovessXTopshop

Ok, someone still needs to come over here and pinch me because this is by far the most surreal experience my blogging has brought to me as of yet and I do not think I will ever truly be able to register this opportunity!! So, last Friday I was lucky enough to attend a blogger event at Topshop HQ just off Oxford street in London with the other Topshop affiliates! I was then informed that this was there first ever blogger event which shocked me beyond belief that they had chosen little old me to be invited to something like this! In this post my aim is.. to inform you all about what the event involved, my plans for working alongside Topshop, why this event meant so much to me and just by looking through the photos you will be able to grab a little insight into some of the current pieces in the collection but also upcoming pieces for Spring and Summer 2016. 

Ok so, what was the event about? Well, the event was about gathering a small selection of Topshops affiliate bloggers together for the first time ever (which is super exciting), in order to go through the affiliate scheme, talk about current collections and what has gone on in the year 0f 2015, what to expect of 2016 and to talk about some of the exciting careers involved in Topshop. 
We had the opportunity to speak to both the buyer and the designer from Topshop and learnt about their exciting jobs but also how tiring their jobs can be. They talked us through their mood boards and what to expect for 2016 which I am super excited for! Seeing some pieces on the sample rail they brought through to show us for the upcoming Spring/Summer collection and I can tell you now that I have already spied lots of pieces that I will definitely be grabbing in the new year!! 
It was such a lovely set up in the room, the girls were so lovely, the other bloggers were so lovely and so easy to talk to, there was the most incredible decorative balloons, the most amazing cupakes and glasses of champers and also the most incredible goody bags!! 

Ok so with regards to my plans for working with Topshop I have gained so much inspiration recently, both from the event and also just for browsing over their website! I have so many ideas and things going on right now which I am discussing with the lovely ladies from Topshop! So you guys need to keep an eye out for these posts in the new year!! 

Why did this event mean so much to me? I have said this a few times on my social media but for those of you reading my blog who may have known me for years .. whether its school or uni or whatever then you will know my forever love for Topshop and how when I was younger pretty much all of my outfits used to come from them. This is because when I used to only have money every so often (NHS bursary and what not) I used to love spending the majority of it all in Topshop because the clothes were just my favorite thing ever!! So because of this love for Topshop I was literally so excited when I received the invitation for the event. I am going to be honest, before I went I thought there would be lots of girls there, but when i showed up to the HQ and I was 1 of roughly around 15-20 others I could not believe how lucky I was! Like, the girls from Topshop had personally chosen me to come to their event from all of the other girls out there and I just cannot to this day understand why?! Not that I will ever complain because I feel so overwhelmed and lucky that I was chosen for this opportunity!! Another thing which really hit home to me was when I met up with some of the other bloggers in the reception area and we were handed our own ID badges with our names on them and then told to wait to be taken upstairs to the offices. I don't really know what I expected from the offices but when I got upstairs I could not believe I was walking past all of the little glass rooms and computers where all of the action happened.. meetings taking place, collections being created.. you name it, it happened right there!! To be honest I was just so overwhelmed by it all I could not believe I was there! 

It makes me so proud to know my blog has got to this point that I have been asked to attend events such as this Topshop one where the members of the team are genuinely interested in my blog and want to work personally with me. Its Crazy!! One thing which was so scary to me but like WOW was that one of the girls actually said to me that she is on my blog all of the time and feels like she knows me already even though she had never met me until that day! Now that was very surreal. To be honest, this event has opened my eyes very wide to what I want out of my blog and how hard work, time and dedication really do pay off in so many ways!! I am beginning to reconsider a lot of things in terms of my life and my blog (in a very positive way) but these are some things I would never have considered. Its scary but so exciting! 

I am super exciting for the next year and to see where we can get to in that time!! I am also super excited for future Topshop events, I had so much fun and like I say I really was so overwhelmed to be working with my favorite brand ever.. and to be recognized by them! Watch this space guys, if you love Topshop just as much as me then I hope you are just as excited to read some of my posts collaborating with them!! 

Don't forget to go over to Topshops website and check out their insane collections here - Topshop Website. 

and dont forget to stay up to date with my posts guys!


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