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The Christmas Tag

It wouldn't really be blogmas without a trust tag post now would it! So today I have decided to continue this on since the lovely Talisa ( tagged me in it. I really do love christmas and obviously like any person does.. I always really look forward to it - I love the build up, I love all of the christmas markets, I love christmas eve, I love the christmas fashion.. just everythinggg! So on this post you will be able to read about some of what happens at christmas time in my house, what some of my favourite things to do at christmas are, etc! Enjoy :)

Presents - Christmas eve or christmas morning? 

Unless you have split parents, work on christmas day or whatever I don't really understand why you would open presents on christmas eve. Therefore definitely christmas day! One of my brothers is still only young so its still very magical in our house on christmas day .. for example we have to queue at the living room door on a morning before we are allowed to go in. This is great for my 8 year old brother but for myself and my other brothers who are 21 and 14 its not so great (especially as me and James are usually hungover). 

Christmas eve traditions? 

Well its become a tradition now, however it never used to be! Me and my close friends from home always go out for drinks on the evening (and apparently so does the rest of the town). Also it has only happened for the last 2 years but I go out for a meal to one of the restaurants in town with Simon and his family before we head off and meet our friends. It kind of gets the festive feeling started and prepares my tummy for what its about to receive the next day with devouring all of the christmas grub! Yum! 

Favourite Festive Food?

Well.. to be honest I am definitely not a turkey fan really. Like, I could go christmas day without it! I always really look forward to the smoked salmon starters and I absolutely love christmas day cheese boards!! Oh this is literally making me so excited! Today we went to a christmas market and my mum picked up one of the cheeses which is a black pepper Wensleydale! Very excited to indulge in this!! 

What is on the top of your christmas tree?

This year we have a star :) 

Is christmas day a small group thing or a squeeze as many people around the table as you can?

Definitely a squeeze around the table! It always has been! There is never less than 6 of us at christmas dinner! I love it like that though and would never have it any other way!! I have a huge family and there is always extended family around the table too! 

Favourite Christmas Scent?

I absolutely hate the stuff and I never put it on my christmas tree in my flat but whenever I help decorated the tree at home (family home) its always out - so basically I am talking about tinsel! Its the most annoying tacky stuff but I just think the smell reminds me of christmas!! I love it!! Then obviously christmas scented candles which are spiced with cinnamon! They always remind me of christmas time!

At Christmas time which extravagant thing was always on your christmas list but you never received?

This one makes me chuckle!! Well, as a child I used to do the standard thing where I would go through the whole argos catalogue and circle a million things and expect to get them all! However, the funniest and most ridiculous thing I always used to ask for but never received (and rightly so) was one of those huge outdoor wooden climbing frames which cost about £3000! No wonder I never received it hahah! 

What do you wear on christmas day?

I am not one of these people who loves to spend all day in my pjs. I love to get up and chill in my pjs while everybody opens their presents but then I love putting on one of my new outfits and getting all dolled up! Its definitely one of my favourite things about christmas day! Getting ready and using all of my new products and wearing new things! I just love it!

Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

Mainly yes, but I still have some last minute bits to get this week once work is over and done with. 

What christmas TV special are you most looking forward to this year?

To be honest I don't really tend to watch much TV on christmas day! So nothing really stands out to me to be honest! 


I have really enjoyed doing this tag post! You know me, and know I love to do tags on my blog! From this I will nominate my lovely friend Ruth from and also if anyone else who reads this wants to continue it then feel free!! Let me know in the comments below if you have done this tag on your blog and I'll pop over and check it out!!



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