Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Putting the Christmas Tree up at Home

Well it is Christmas time, and I did say that there would be lots more festive posts coming your way.. so here you go! This time I bring you a post all about having fun at home decorating the tree with my baby brothers (or not babies after all). Again, if you follow me on social media it would have been noticeable that I was at home in County Durham for the week which is where my family lives .. including my Mum and brothers and so when I have annual leave from work I love going home and spending time with them all. Luckily enough for me, this time I was home it fell on the first week of December so this meant for the first time in years I was able to put the tree up with my brothers which made me super excited!! I have missed out on doing this year after year because of uni for 3 years and then living in Cardiff this time last year.. so to be home meant the world to me! 

Obviously I went to town on the whole festive thing and got the mulled wine on, the christmas music and the santa hats - we needed to be fully in the spirit. Matthew my 8 year old brother absolutely loved it.. however Jake my 14 year old brother somewhat did not. Oh well, I'm 23 and still love nothing more than getting all festive and completely making the most of everything. I have made a pact with myself this year that no matter what I am going to make the most of the christmas festivities - this is because I literally almost did not have a christmas and by the skin of my teeth have managed to get at least one day off on the lead up to christmas. So now I am so excited for it all, and nothing will kill my vibe!!

Some of the christmas traditions in my house include dressing up on christmas day with my family, dressing my dog up in a festive outfit, drinking lots of mulled wine on the lead up to christmas, drinking prosecco all through christmas, wrapping my presents to perfection, visiting christmas markets, going out on christmas eve, setting the table on christmas day and so on... Basically, there are lots of traditions over christmas that I am now super happy I won't be missing out on!! The above photos are just really a snippet of what you can expect over here for the rest of blogmas and over on my social media for the whole of december!! 

Hope you guys are all loving my Blogmas as much as I am loving doing it!! 



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