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My favourite blogs, bloggers, youtubers and blogposts of 2015!

I thought as we are nearing the end of another year I would do a little round up post. I do love my lifestyle kind of posts and I do love a good old reflection every now and then. I usually tend to do them all about myself and things that have changed in my life or whatever, but the difference this time is that I am going to do a little round up of my favourite things to do with blogging of 2015. I will be going through various different categories, like who is my favourite blogger, favourite new person I am following, favourite blog post of the year etc. I hope you guys all enjoy it, and if any of you are reading this who I have included then WOW that is incredible because I obviously love something about your blogging/youtubing/vlogging etc, so its an honour to know you are taking your time to read my round up!! 


My all time favourite blogger of 2015 has definitely got to be the amazingly talented In The Frow. There is literally no doubt in my mind who I would have chosen to be my favourite blogger of this year! I just love her work ethic, talent, amazing photography skills, fashion, make up skills.. you name it, I am just kind of obsessed with all things In The Frow. I don't really believe I ever aspire to be anybody in particular, however I do completely admire how incredible her blog is, how successful and lucky she is, how hard she works and just how beautiful her blog is! Also, what you definitely want to see from a blogger is someone who just genuinely seems like a really nice person, really kind, really grateful, just everything as a package. I really do want to thank In The Frow for providing me (and I am sure thousands of other people) with incredible content online ALL of the time, you really are amazing at what you do!! 



This lovely lady is definitely a new favourite of mine, but I have been binge watching her youtube videos and find that the reason I love her videos is because in every single one there is something incredibly inspiring. This is Jordan Bone also known as 'Jordans Beautiful Life' On Youtube. I watched her youtube video named 'my beautiful struggle' and following this I just became completely hooked on watching her incredible make up tutorials, Q&As etc. If you guys don't follow her on social media or haven't checked out her channel then you really really need to!! 


Favourite Blogpost of 2015:

My all time favourite post of 2015 has got to be 'Blurring the line of being inspired - plagiarism in blogging' by the incredible Lydia Millen (Check out the post here). Although this has not been a massive problem to me in the blogging world, it has definitely been in my general life. Nothing annoys me more in the world than copying/plagiarism, always has done, always will do and although this is not currently a problem personally to me, this has definitely been something which has bothered me in the past. Its a fine line in blogging really, between wanting to inspire people to buy something, wear something and them just down right doing exactly what you do? It is hard to establish where the limit is and how far it goes until it just gets annoying. Anyway, the reason I loved this post is because it just summed up the way I was feeling at this time perfectly and made me feel as though it wasn't me being paranoid and that there actually is other people out there who use your ideas to benefit themselves and take extra credit for it. I know fine well that this will not be a problem to me next year, I have drawn a line under feeling certain ways and I am hoping 2016 is going to be a far more positive year as a whole!! 


Favourite Blogger I have met in 2015:

I have met some incredible bloggers in 2015, all of which are super duper lovely. I have loved getting to know the Sheffield bloggers, becoming a part of the Sheffield bloggers group of girls, meeting some lovely girls at the Topshop event and the list goes on. However, one blogger particularly stands out to me.. I love her blog and although I have only met her the once in person I just think she is super lovely and another of these genuinely lovely people who inspires me as a person and a blogger. I feel like although I really know Talisa through her blog and social media, I always feel genuinely happy for her when she blogs about something amazing going on in her life.. like getting engaged!! Congratulations again lovely! I find so much inspo from her blog, love her high end posts about amazing products such as make up and fashion! Her photography is insane also! Everyone needs to follow her and check out her blog at 


Favourite blogger I have known for years:

I definitely could not do a blogger round up without including one of my best friends and someone who I have known for 19 years! This is Ruth who runs which is predominantly a lifestyle and fitness blog. Basically, she has set up her blog as a way of sharing her weight loss tips, diet plan, meals and recipes and obviously her general story. Her blog to me just screams how well she has done in the last year or so, literally transforming her body just by having the right mindset, eating right and exercising regularly. You guys all need to go over to her social channels and also her blog and read up about her story, look at her photos and jump on board with her journey! Its pretty incredible!!


Favourite Blogging Event of 2015:

This is going to come as no shock to any of you. Although I am extremely grateful for every single invitation to all of the bloggers events I have attended this year, the Topshop one has got to be up there with one of the best things I have ever done. Such an incredible opportunity and I still need to pinch myself about the fact I got asked to attend. So incredibly lucky! 


So, that was my round up of all things blog and youtube and my favourites of each!! I am more than sure that all of you lovely people reading this post will follow each and every one of these guys, but if you don't then you need to click above where I have linked them for you & go check out their blogs and social channels! 

Also just to mention that if any of the lovelies I have included in this post are reading then thankyou for taking your time to come over and check out this post!! BUT I would also like to say thankyou to you all for either making me smile, inspiring me in so many ways or just genuinely providing such incredible content on your channels that I cannot get enough! 



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