Monday, 7 December 2015

Lush Sheffield Christmas Blogger Event

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend a bloggers event at Lush in Sheffield. Now Lush does not really need any introduction lets be honest.. we all know it is the most amazing shop to go to for your bath bombs/skincare/shower gels etc. I have always been a huge fan of Lush so having the opportunity to have a bespoke look around the shop and doing some fun filled activities with the lovely ladies running the evening was just the best opportunity ever!! So basically as a little guide through the evening I have put together this blogpost to show you what we got up to... Enjoy! 

Every single person who loves lush will appreciate this! We got to make our own bath bombs and if you love lush just as much as I do then you will understand how excited I was at the prospect of this. At christmas, Lush makes the equivalent of the butterball in form of a bear.. I have never had the bear version before but I have had the usual butterball and I LOVE it. We got to make the butterbear which was super fun! I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to do this but I was literally like a kid in a sweetie shop when doing it!! Once we had finished making them we also got to take them home, So I am obviously very excited to use it!

 The lovely staff at Lush also put on the cutest little festive spread for us all to enjoy! As well as being such a lovely bunch of girls it was also super sweet of them to go to this effort with the snacks for the evening. You may know this already but I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF MACAROONS, so obviously I did a little dance when I saw these are what we would be enjoying on the evening!! I have to add something in here now because I literally am such a macaroon fiend - these ones were absolutely beautiful! The most moist and tasty ones I have had in a long time and I have had a lot lately (trust me). You guys need to go over and check out Joni Bakery if you are a lover of macaroons like me!! Also.. another absolute favourite thing of mine is mulled wine, so again when I knew this would be available I could not have been happier!! 

Next I will quickly touch on these new hot oils which are available to buy in store!! Basically whilst at the event we had the opportunity and time to receive a lot more information about these products from the lovely girls from Lush. My job is to now tell you about these products so you can whip into the shop and grab yourselves one.. or grab someone else one as a perfect christmas gift. Basically these hot oils are new to Lush, and are so simple and easy to use. The oil originally comes as a block on the end of a long wooden stick (like the chocolate sticks you get in starbucks), and all you need to do with them is pop the stick into a pot of hot water which will create a creamy treatment. Following this all you need to do is apply it to your hair and leave for 15 minutes before washing it off. Its super easy! Now, because I know that when you go into Lush on a daytime over the festive period its like a rat race in that you basically just dash in and grab what you need and leave... therefore I will quickly give you a little guide to which one you need to pick up if you have a particular kind of hair. 
Tangled - If you have naturally quite tangled and knotty hair get this one. Maybe if it is long then this one might be good for you. 
Kinky - This one is for you all who have curly hair or frizzy (like myself). It is basically designed to make your curls look less frizzy but still beautifully spiralled. 
Damaged - For hair which is rough and needing TLC. Grab this one!!

Let me know in the comments below if you decided to go grab one of these!! 

Next, we were lucky enough to have a good chat with the girls about skincare and from this they were able to make specific recommendations to our own individual skin types of the kind of treatments we should use. The one above I was drawn to because I seem to be drawn to everything bright and so the lovely Evie tried this one on my hand .. she then washed it off and I could not believe how amazing my skin felt afterwards!! This one above is 'Dont Look at me' and felt extremely cooling on the skin and was just such a fresh amazing product!! The ingredient I LOVED in this was the lemon juice.. it was super revitalising and amazing! I would recommend this highly if you too enjoy fresh products on your skin!! We actually made some of our own fresh face masks at the event and got to take them home with us which was so incredible and I have used it since - you will be able to read about this in my lush haul blogpost which will be coming soon to the blog, and trust me you don't want to miss it!!

The christmas shower gels are back. One we all know and love - Snow Fairy! Lets be honest we all need a bottle of this in our lives too, its just SO unreal. Also another which is a new one for me is Rose Jam which I am head over heels for! This is simply because I am crazy for the 'pearl' massage bar and the scent of this is exactly the same as rose jam.. only with rose jam its SO much stronger and well... you get to wash in it (who does not want to smell unreal all day) I know I do!! If you have not smelt it already then please go into Lush and do! Its incredible!  

I cant wait to start giving this shampoo a go also! Daddy-o is one that the Lush ladies recommended for my hair type and I really cannot wait to give it a whirl. I'll go into this more in my haul post but if you are a blonde who needs to inject a bit of brightness into your hair then go and purchase this. I cant wait to give it a go and I have heard nothing but good things!! 

Finally, I just want to say thankyou so much to everyone from Lush Sheffield for putting on such an amazing event, I really did have such a good time. It allowed me the opportunity to get a really good look at all of the products in the store, meet the incredible Lush Team and other bloggers, get a bespoke shopping experience and it really was just incredible. I also want to say thankyou for the very generous goody bag.. I cannot wait to use it all and show you guys everything we got (like I said, haul post coming soon). 



  1. It was a great night. We should all meet up again soon. X

    1. Yeah it was really great!! We definitely should :) hopefully there will be more events coming up soon as well!! Xx


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