Sunday, 6 December 2015

Keeping warm in Boutique of Molly

I have recently had lots of involvement with the lovely ladies at Boutique of Molly which is a lovely online Boutique of fashion! I have recently just done another post featuring their lace up jumper but wanted to do a post with this incredible poncho I have recently got my hands on. 

So first things first lets talk ponchos.. this time last year I bought a poncho which looked so incredibly beautiful online but when it arrived I just could not get used to myself wearing it. However, now I have found a love for them again.. and its literally all because of this beautiful tartan one!! They looks so great in the winter and look super flattering and classy even though really they are just like a big baggy blanket I guess. Whenever I wear mine I feel as though I look incredibly well dressed and put together.. when really they are so effortless to style! This is what makes them sooo great and versatile. For example.. I usually wear mine with a black long sleeved top, high waisted jeans and my knee length boots (like in the photos above), but this would also look fab with leggings, grey or burgundy tops! I also think that ponchos look super fab with fedora hats or pom pom hats.. it really does depend how you want your outfit to look that day. You may want to look super dressed up and in that case wear a fedora hat, or you may want to look quite casual in which case the pom pom hats are exactly what you need. 

I will provide you guys with the link to the poncho I have chosen above because it is absolutely stunning, amazing quality and just a super fabulous wardrobe staple that you all need!! 

Don't forget to use my code for 20% off on the Boutique of Molly website - 'LAURENSCODE' 

Let me know in the comments below if you decide to go over and purchase this! Also, I would love to hear how you all style up your ponchos and where you have got your beautiful ones from this season?!


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