Friday, 25 December 2015

Its Christmas Day!!

Happy Christmas to all of you lovelies out there!! I hope you are all having a fab day with your family or friends or whomever you have chosen to spend the day with today!! I also hope you are all stuffing your faces with incredible foods and forgetting about the amount of rubbish you are consuming!! I hope Santa has been very good to you all also!! 

In all seriousness though, Christmas really is the time you realise what and who is important! I know I have said this before but I very nearly spent the day at work today, but got it swapped so I could come home.. so now I just feel eternally grateful that I am at home spending the day with my family (despite the fact I will be travelling back to Sheffield later this evening ready for work tomorrow). I have spent the day surrounded by my amazing family, their amazing girlfriends, my boyfriend and just really important people!! I have eaten to my hearts content, drank bucks fizz and prosecco to my hearts content, smiled until my face hurt, hugged my Mum until I was sick of her (kidding), and watched my incredible family open up all of their gifts. I know everybody says this but I truly mean it when I say that giving at christmas time is far better than receiving (not that I am truly grateful, because I one million percent am) but I love nothing more than seeing the look on my loved ones faces when they open the gifts I have bought them!! I always go above and beyond to choose presents for my family, searching the shelves high and low for things I know they will love and so its always nice to see a positive reaction when the wrapping paper comes off!! 

Christmas in my house is still so magical and exciting and I truly believe that this will be something which will last forever. Its just the way my family are! I hope everyone has had their perfect christmas day too!! 

Lots of love to you all as always, 



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