Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Im doing Blogmas!!

Its the 1st December already, where on earth has this year gone?! Its nearly the end of yet another crazy year and I wanted 2015 to finish exactly the way it started - with 100% focus on my blog. Back on the 1st January 2015 I made a new years resolution that I was not going to give up on my blog and I was going to persevere despite the fact that some people made a few cruel little comments to each other about me, and others just made me feel very uncomfortable about wanting to continue my blog. However, I ignored it all and now I cannot believe how far it has come in 1 year and hopefully next year I will be looking back and thinking how much further it has grown again!! 

This year I have decided to do blogmas which I know lots and lots of bloggers out there are taking part in.. which is effectively a blog post for every single day of December. To me this seems like the perfect idea as I have so much content to get out to you guys and not enough space in my usual schedule to do it, therefore I figured why not commit to doing blogmas so that I can provide you all with a post each and every single day!! The upload time will stay at 5pm UK time so you can expect a post every single day!! My content will be a mixture of christmas and normal blogposts as I do have lots to inform you all about, but I do have the intention of most of my content being christmas related! Sometimes I just cannot believe the extra pressure I add onto myself, I really do love my blog though and very prepared to put in that extra effort so that I can take part in this very much talked about thing in the blogging community. I really really hope you enjoy my posts this month and I'm looking forward to showing you some of the really exciting things I have been working on!! Also, I have another surprise in the pipeline which I will be announcing at the beginning of January and I just want to put you all in the loop of that so that you stay fully up to date with everything going on!! Watch this space guys! 

Enjoy :)


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  1. I decided against it to begin with but chang d my mind this morning! BRING ON BLOGMAS!
    PS, I love that party hat hahaha!
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*


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