Thursday, 17 December 2015

Getting Festive with the Village Screen, Sheffield

On Sunday I was invited to a pop up cinema at 92 Burton Road which is situated in Kelham Island, Sheffield and is essentially a big warehouse space which is used frequently for events! Its amazing what you can do with a warehouse and make it look however you want it to! I love it! Anyway, the idea of the night was a showing of Home Alone put together by The Village Screen which is a pop up cinema company! The entry fee was £10 per adult and £7 per child which is pretty reasonable for something which is has had lots of thought and effort put into it, and is basically provided as a way for people to get very festive! That it did! 

Since finding out I would be attending this event I have put off watching Home Alone, it is by far my favourite christmas film and never gets old.. so to make the evening extra special I decided to wait and watch it here for the first time! The space itself was decorated very festive, with tinsel, lights, christmas trees etc! Then they provided a bar which had your usual refreshments but also the likes of mulled wine (my favourite) and mulled cider - which I tried this evening, and it was amazing!! Maybe I just like all my alcohol hot ha! There was also a burger stall and a crepe stall (what more do you want from a movie night). The seating was deck chairs and leather sofas which was super quirky and really comfortable! 

I have never been to a pop up cinema before but I absolutely loved it, and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for any future events they are hosting! It was fun, festive, quirky, cute, romantic - all of these in one go! Obviously I went with a bunch of Sheffield Bloggers so I did not get the romantic element on this occasion but I could definitely see it being really cute and romantic if you were snuggled up with your other half watching a film together. It 

Although it was really cold, I really liked the element of wearing hats, gloves, scarves etc and just getting really cosy! It made it feel all that more christmassy! Obviously, this one is based in Sheffield but I am pretty sure there will be these kind of 'pop up cinemas' in lots of other places in the UK or further afield. I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you have not tried one before! Below I will link the Village screen for you so you can all go and check them out and see what they have on in the future!! 

Thanks for such a fab evening 92 Burton Road and The Village Screen - you have definitely made me feel doubly as festive as I already did, and thank you for showing my all time favourite christmas film!! Also I attended the event with some lovely bloggers who you all need to check out and I will link here for you (just click their names) - Holly from teaandblush, Siobhan from Rcknroses, Tarnya from Sweet Allure and Kirstie from Short Lashes. 



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