Monday, 14 December 2015

Drawing a line in sand, Exciting times & Christmas Excitement | something personal

I was going to miss a lifestyle/chatty/personal post out of Blogmas because I didn't feel as though it entirely fit my theme, but then I changed my mind and thought about the fact that it fits my blog theme and the chatty posts are always my favourite! So I thought I would do a post all about what has been going on lately, lots of exciting things and barely anything even remotely negative! Negativity isn't exactly festive is it!!

So as you will all be fully aware, I have been super busy lately preparing posts to go up everyday at 5pm for you all! It never really occurred to me until recently just how much I fit into 24 hours, and I never realised until speaking to other bloggers at events just how much I do fit into my time! Whenever I tell people I am an Intensive Care Nurse full time as well as being a blogger their initial reaction is to say "How do you have time to fit it all in?" and my response is always the same "I love it so much that I make time for both". It never occurred to me at all just how many commitments I did have!! This got me thinking.. Did I have too much on my plate? Should I acknowledge how much I am juggling, more? Do I need to consider what I want to do in my future? It was all just food for thought and nothing is changing but it really has made me think about my nursing and blogging balance. Just the other day I was in a ventilation study session and I could not believe how much it all interested me, and how much I surprisingly seemed to know! So this Nursing, Science, Caring for people, not caring about the way I look or dress side to me is one side of my life and personality and I really do love it! 
However, there is the blogger side to me - and that is the girl who loves make up, shopping, dressing up etc and this is literally the complete opposite of myself as a nurse! I like to call my blogging life my "alter ego". Basically, all I trying to say is that I am very happy with both aspects of my life but I definitely feel like I need to acknowledge everything I do much more!! 

Next we move onto a personal topic. Recently everything has been very positive and I feel very fortunate! Therefore to correlate everything being pretty good right now, I have been wanting to draw a line under situations which have been bothering me, and I no longer feel are relevant any more. I have recently made amends with people, because I have realised it is much easier to be civil with someone than to be feeling as though there is animosity, even from a distance! So recently when I took a little trip home, I made a few things right, and although things will never be what they were, I definitely feel better!! 

I just want to add something a little bit festive into this post, I thought I would mention how excited I am!! I literally was so close to losing out on any time at home over christmas this year but luckily enough, with a few swaps I now get to enjoy lots of things over the festive period! So, on Thursday I have my works christmas party, Friday is 'Black eye Friday' as us northerners call it and then lots of others parties and events!! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it definitely brings out the best in people and everyone is just out to have a good time! I'm just super excited for the end of this week so that festivities can really begin!!

I feel really happy, lucky and grateful at the moment and this is all because everything in my life right now is ideal! I have amazing friends around me... some old, some new, some bloggers, and I just feel really content that everyone surrounding me right now brings something to the table! I have incredible family who I am super excited to spend loads of time with over christmas! My family and boyfriend are super supportive, interested and genuinely happy for everything going on in my life! I swear having support is something which makes me super happy and once I know I have it everything seems to fit into place perfectly! I just love it! I also don't want to go into it too much but if you haven't read my most recent posts throughout blogmas then you may not have heard how happy I am with my blog right now? I did not set myself a goal for 2015 but to be honest I cant quite believe I am about to leave this year on so much of a high! I went to the first Topshop event which is insane, met some lovely bloggers who I hope to be much more involved with as my blogging continues, officially became a recognised Sheffield blogger, became Lecy Lau Fashion's Blogger, won 'newbie of the month' for Topshop affiliates in November! Its just been a great last few months of the year! 

I hope that you are all loving blogmas, and I hope you can see from this post just how much actually goes into every post I write and you all feel as though you are getting a good variation from my blog! I am putting my all into ensuring that I get a post out to you all every day, in that after doing a 7-7 shift at work I come home and blog before going to bed and getting up at 6am again to start the next shift! I am absolutely exhausted but loving every second of it all! Also, as a little hint.. there is a lot to come in 2016 so I will just leave you with that little thought for now, and not tell you any more!!

I hope we can all continue on this journey together up until the end of Blogmas, and I hope I haven't bored you all to death enough for you all to return for 2016 and see where we end up together! Thankyou so much for reading as always! Love you all! 


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