Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas pets

I am really into my animals and love them dearly as you can tell. So I figured I would show you some of the photos I took of my pets this year ready to make into christmas cards for my Mum to send out! Recently I bought some little glittery santa hats to wear for christmas day with my family round the table, but when they arrived I just had the most perfect idea that they would look insanely cute on my animals! 

You will all know by now that I am crazy for my dog, Tyke - he is literally like my baby but unfortunately the hats just were not for him - he looked so miserable wearing them and kept tilting his head and knocking it off! So he was not including in the photographs for christmas cards this year, but don't forget to check out my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' on christmas day as I have bought him a very festive outfit!! 

I did pop these photos on my social media at the beginning of the month to announce blogmas but for all of you who read and don't do instagram then you won't have had the privelidge to see them and say a massive AW! So these are my 3 guinea pigs Fernando, George and Ronaldo (My little brother is a football fanatic, hence the names), and the cat is mine called Bertie. 

I love dressing my animals up at christmas, I think they look absolutely adorable!! I definitely am a crazy animal lady and they stayed so still and were super well behaved when having their photos taken, very proud of them!! 

If you are an animal lover too then you will appreciate this post also!! 


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  1. Hey Lauren, your pets are really looking cute with the glittery santa hats. I can see how much you love them. In fact, it's natural to love pets as they are so sweet to us and being beside us at every time. I too have 2 cats. As Christmas is here I was little confused about taking gifts for them and I'm sure every pet owner stay confused in this matter. I got a collection of pet gifts that can be the best gift to them and I would like to share it with other pet owners and with you too. Gifts for Pets. Have a blast Christmas with your pets!


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