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Boxed Brownies Sheffield Review

Lets be honest, we all love blogger mail.. however we all love blogger mail even more when its hand delivered to your door in the form of BROWNIES. Literally, I knew I was in for a serious treat when I knew I was going to be sent brownies, but the fact that they were personally delivered to my front door was the nicest touch. 

Boxed Brownies are a little company in Sheffield run by 2 people Clive & Hayley who work from home to make delicious brownies designed for adult taste. I was lucky enough to be sent a box of 6 of their delicious home made brownies to give a try and review for you all! Firstly, I have mentioned the delivery and how impressed I was with this anyway, but the box itself was very well packaged..  the brownies were all individually packed within 6 compartments in the box and there was also some information on the flavour of each brownie inside. I would highly recommend going and checking out their social media and website and contacting them with any enquiries you may have about the brownies, I'm telling you now these are the best! Also, if you are struggling for what to get someone for christmas and know that they are a chocolate lover.. you can grab a christmas gift box from the website!! All links will be at the bottom of this post. 

Lets talk flavours... 

Bonfire Toffee and Marshmallow - This is definitely the brownie from the box which caught my eye the most as it looked a little bit different from everything else. It immediately caught my eye with the incredible toasted marshmallows resting on the top. When I took this one out of the box It was the first one I had tried, so I was super surprised with how wide it actually was!! The brownie was a really generous size and the taste was incredible. The texture was super gooey and soft which is exactly what you want from a brownie, no hardness. The touch I loved though was the marshmallows on the top! I don't normally like marshmallows but they added perfectly to the incredible taste of toffee and chocolate from the brownie base. 10/10

Stollen - This one tasted exactly like a fruit cake.. usually I am not a fruit cake lover so I didnt feel like I could get a true opinion of something I do not usually enjoy myself. So I roped my Step Dad into it.. much to his happiness and he did a true taste test of it for me. He did really enjoy this one.. and found it to be very different in flavour from any of the other brownies he has tried. It was lovely if you do like fruit cake and something a little bit out of the norm. 7/10 

Salted Caramel and Cashew - Much to my Step Dads happiness I gave him the opportunity to review this one for me as well. I'm not a huge lover of nuts so obviously I would not have been able to give this a proper review for someone who does love anything with nuts in. He explained to me that the taste was beautiful.. very tasty and rich. 8/10

Cranberry and Pistachio - This was one was the best by far for my Step Dad and brownie reviewer if you like! He gave this one 10/10. Very much an adult taste and very enjoyable as as well as chocolate it had a beautiful taste of cranberry and obviously the nuts for all of you nut lovers out there (not for me unfortunately)!! Very very enjoyable was the feedback I received for this one. 

Amaretto and Rosemary - Yet again I roped my step dad into tasting this one which I know would be a very valid review since he is a true chocolate lover. He voiced how nice this one was to extremes and could not express enough how nice it was!! In his opinion it tasted exactly like a rum and raison bar (despite it being amaretto) which he absolutely LOVED. He told me that this one would make a perfect dessert in a restaurant and taste absolutely divine. 10/10

Cardamom and Ginger - Yet again another favourite for all of you chocolate lovers out there.. and those of you who LOVE anything incredibly sickly. I am not sure what cardamom tastes like so I could not pick out the taste of this from the brownie.. and only a hint of ginger.. however, as a ginger lover I think this would be nicer with slightly more ginger in it!! However, this one was incredibly beautiful.. and sickly sweet. Yum! 9/10

 I really hope this post has tempted some of you to check out their brownies.. I am sure that Clive and Hayley would be happy to answer any of your questions about the brownies or the boxes in general as well so don't hesitate to go over to their site and social media to contact them! Also, I would just like to say thanks so much to you both for providing me with these incredible brownies.. you are very talented at baking and have opened my eyes to many new tastes that I probably never would have tried before!! 

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