Monday, 21 December 2015

Bowes Museum Christmas Markets

If you did not already know, I am actually from the North east of England in a little town called Barnard Castle which is in County Durham. I got told a little while ago via Facebook about this event which was going on at the Bowes Museum in the town. It was basically a christmas market, which I was super excited to go to because as far as I was aware the town has not really had christmas markets before. Also from my previous posts I am guessing you all know by now I'm a little bit of a christmas market lover and obviously jump at the chance to visit as many as I can throughout December. 

So basically this was a one day thing and you had to pay a small price of £2.50 to go in and enjoy the gardens and markets and just the general christmas atmosphere. I have really not been feeling very well over the weekend so this was easily my highlight. In the grounds there were 3 reindeer's which you could feed! Lots of independent and unique market stalls selling all sorts of goodies. Santa's Grotto inside the museum itself. Food and drinks stalls which sold all of the traditional pieces you would find at a christmas market such as your German sausages, mulled wine, hot chocolate etc. Also because the event was more or less in the centre of town and parking is an issue, they were running a vintage bus service which ran from the top of the town to the bottom which was free of charge. 

I wish I could recommend that you all go, but unfortunately as it was only a one day thing it is no longer on! However I just wanted to put together these photos and show you all how incredibly beautiful the Bowes Museum and its grounds are! Also because I am a lover of christmas markets obviously it seemed appropriate to add this in as part of Blogmas!! 

I am definitely going to be super sad when its the beginning of 2016 and there will be no more mulled wine, christmas markets and a general festive feeling in the air. Christmas is literally just around the corner now though, only 4 days away which is super exciting!! I hope you are all prepared and getting super excited for santa arriving, I know I am! 



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