Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15 | Sheffield Christmas Markets

I am a massive fan of christmas markets and I think I have been since the moment I discovered mulled wine to be honest! I have been to lots of christmas markets over the last few years and some have been better than others, but still the theme throughout is obviously to make you feel festive - and they all definitely do that! Since moving to Sheffield in August I have been super excited for the christmas markets, back when I used to visit Simon here at University a couple of years ago we used to come to the markets but obviously now just having it on my doorstep makes it even more exciting. 

I just love having a wander around all the stalls, seeing everyone's festive outfits, eating lots of yummy food, drinking mulled wine, seeing children get excited waiting to see Santa in the grotto. I just love the whole atmosphere!! I really do feel as though people really do get into the spirit of the whole thing at Christmas markets and know its all about being festive, and it generally just feels like a very celebratory and happy place to be! I actually think its the perfect little afternoon out for all people, for just a casual wander with your other half.. eating good food and drinking mulled wine or a hot chocolate, or with your family and visiting Santa and going on the rides! I do not mind that they bump prices up for things at all because I know when I go to these things that its for the atmosphere and I just love it! If you live in the Sheffield or South Yorkshire area then I would highly recommend visiting the Christmas markets, If you didn't feel festive before then you definitely will after!! 

I enjoyed the amazing German sausages whilst Simon ate a pulled pork and apple sauce bun! We then found a churros stall so obviously had to indulge in some of these with Belgian chocolate dipping sauce!! Following this it started to pour down so obviously because we needed shelter (and this is the only reason, I promise - hehee) we headed for the bar which was the perfect opportunity for mulled wine which is easily my favourite drink ever at christmas time!! There was christmas tunes, christmas trees and festive lights.. lots of other people who were purely reason for the same reasons as me - to get festive and just enjoy the atmosphere! Its great! 

I don't know why I have never thought of this before but suddenly I feel so inspired to go to Germany at christmas time to enjoy the markets in the traditional place!! I would love to go to Munich either next year or the year after to experience it all! If you have been somewhere which has incredible christmas markets either in the UK or elsewhere then please let me know in the comments below - I NEED to make time to go! I have already been to Sheffield, Edinburgh, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London, Newcastle - and I would highly recommend visiting all of these!! 

Hope you are all starting to feel very festive now, celebrations officially start this week with everyone breaking up for work and lots of christmas parties!! Enjoy!



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