Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Christmas Decoration Haul

I could not do Blogmas without showing you all my christmas decorations for this festive season!! I usually don't really put too much effort in and just head to asda and pick a decent set of coloured baubles off the shelves but this time I decided to make much more effort to make my home more festive.. because after all its only christmas once a year and I knew it would make me much happier to look at pretty decorations while I am at home!! I even went a little to town on the whole advent calender thing this year... I will be honest and say chocolate is not really my thing, so this year I decided to go for something which is completely my thing... Yankee Candles

I purchased this pretty white berry tree from Next which to be honest I bought before the festive season but when it arrived I completely thought it would be very appropriate for both christmas and in general. If you are looking for one in particular that is festive and will make your really pretty as well as uber christmassy then follow this link --> http://www.next.co.uk/g413680s3

If you don't have a christmas candle then you need a festive scented reed diffuser in your house!! I got this Next one and it smells divine!! Read diffusers are also great because you can leave them all day and come back and still have a beautiful smelling home, whereas with a candle they are only able to be burnt when someone is at home!! As much as I do love candles, reed diffusers are one of my necessities this festive season.. You can all grab this one here --> http://www.next.co.uk/g41682s2#132766

This year I also decided to grab a second christmas tree.. this one is just a mini one and something a little different to what I would personally choose. I decided to go for a matte black tree for our bedroom just to add some extra festive-ness to other rooms in my home other than the living room. You literally cannot go wrong with Paperchase for any novelty decorations - I always love their ranges and this tree was such amazing value for a 2ft tree! Grab yours here and also check out the other colours that they have --> http://www.paperchase.co.uk/christmas/christmas-decorations/christmas-trees/2ft-matte-black-tree.html

Next I bring you some festive accessories. Firstly this festive headband - because we all need something a little bit novelty and daft at christmas! The tradition with me and my family is to dress up in some way on christmas and I have bought this as a possibility for my christmas dinner outfit. I'm pretty sure if you were going to something which was festive and needed something to wear to spruce up your outfit then Asos have pretty incredible and affordable pieces such as other head pieces, christmas jumpers, glittery make up etc. Grab your christmas goodies from Asos here .. and the link I have provided is sale only products so you really should not miss out --> http://tidd.ly/a57c14e3

Also, I have touched on this body scrubber in my recent body shop blogposts but I just wanted to show you all again how incredibly cute this robin scrubber is and to remind you all that you need it in your bathrooms, just to make shower time feel as festive as its probablies going to get!! Its also super cheap and would make the perfect stocking filler if you are buying for someone else --> http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/gifts/4-and-under-gifts/robin-sponge.aspx

Next I picked up some of these ready made paper snowflakes on my recent trip to London from Waterstones on Oxford street. I had been hunting for little bits which I could add to my living room to make it look festive but not tacky and these are definitely the perfect thing (and don't worry I will be proving how good they look in future posts throughout blogmas!). You can grab them here if you love them too --> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ginger-Ray-Christmas-Snowflake-Decorations/dp/B00DOZ55SA

This year I decided my colour scheme for the main tree was going to be silvers and blues and basically all things frozen and icy. I bought these baubles weeks and weeks ago from John Lewis to be sure that I did not do my usual and leave everything until there is literally only rubbish products left on the shelves. 

Next I got this really beautiful and simple bauble from John Lewis which I knew would be perfect to go with this years colour scheme but also this one was guaranteed not to get broken in my house. This one is a beautiful soft bauble with sewn on sequins and beads. I just love it so much, its very pretty and simple and elegant. Grab yours here --> http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-snowdrift-glass-glitter-bauble-white/p1969372

Another individual bauble I chose for the tree was this beautiful clear glass with white feathers inside. I saw this and instantly fell in love!! It is so elegant, simple, pretty and just everything I love in one bauble. I literally feel like guarding this one with my life as I know its such delicate glass which could break so easily!! You can grab yours here --> http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-snowdrift-feather-in-glass-bauble-clear/p2015616

Ok this one is the best!! Not only does it go with the colour scheme, but its a sausage dog which if you know me, you'll know I am obsessed with more than anything else in my life!! This is the perfect little addition to our tree as it sums me up to a tee and also, at some point its something I want to own!! I just love this little guy far too much and if you do too you should get yours here --> http://www.johnlewis.com/cambric-cream-linen-daschund-decoration/p2027131

Last but not least is this silver marble effect star shaped bauble I picked up from John Lewis also. I loveee the beautiful colours in this, and yet again how simple and elegant it is!! It is yet another bauble I need to watch for so that it does not get knocked by my clumsy boyfriend as its a very delicate material which will break so easily!! You can grab this bauble here --> http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-snowdrift-glass-brushed-star-bauble-silver/p1963886

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing some of the special pieces I have managed to dig out for this festive season!! You will be seeing lots of these over the next few weeks on the blog and over on my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess'. Let me know if you decide to go and purchase any of these as I would love to know, and if any of you know anywhere I can grab some more decorations which fit into my festive pattern then please link them below for me!!




  1. Errrnmmaghhhaadddd sausage dog decs?? Definitely picking one of these up at the weekend! Great post! :) Hailey


  2. Errrnmmaghhhaadddd sausage dog decs?? Definitely picking one of these up at the weekend! Great post! :) Hailey



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