Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Forum | Sheffield

So last week the lovely guys at The Forum, Sheffield were kind enough to invite me and however many guests I wanted, to test out their new menu which has launched really recently. I obviously decided to bring my boyfriend, Simon because he is a true foodie and we always get different things on a menu (mainly due to his allergies) but at least this means we always try different things! 

So when we arrived it was 5pm in the evening and so obviously now the clocks have changed it was pretty dark at this time, so the venue was lovely and dark, but candlelit which made it look really intimate and nice! The decor inside was lovely! All tiled and the tables were dressed with flowers and candles etc which I really liked. 

Next we were taken to our table which was readily set and immediately our waiter brought over a jug of water with 2 glasses (which is great because sometimes in restaurants you have to ask about 4 times before actually getting some). He then left us alone to choose drinks and food. The drinks menu was really big, plenty of choice and a variety of different drinks to suit all. I went for a cocktail called 'Gin garden' which was loads of fresh tastes including elderflower and cucumber because I absolutely love these flavours with Gin! Simon went for a beer, the waiter was really happy to reel off the list of beers on tap which was useful because some places have much more random kinds and its obviously useful to know whats available. 

Next we ordered food. The menu was so good and had just a huge variety of different dishes which were suited to many a kind of taste bud. There was dishes to suit people who love american food ie: Burgers etc, asian food, mexican, european, british etc. SO GOOD. I actually had such a huge struggle deciding what to choose because there was so many things I wanted, which obviously means that I need to go back and try some of the other bits! Simon struggled also but eventually we both came to a decision. I went for the 'shaved bulgogi beef' and simon went for the 'Korean Pork Belly Burrito'. My meal was also korean influenced - the small print at the bottom of the menu allowed for a better understanding of what some of the ingredients were, and as I was in the mood for something with a kick I decided to go for this. Anyway, it was beautiful and the meat was to die for!! So tasty and rich and honestly its unlike anything I've tasted in terms of the flavours! The salad it came with was lovely, presentation was amazing and I loved the flatbread underneath too! Simon's meal was also a spicy one but a burrito so therefore everything was much more contained. The feedback from him was that it was very nice, very filling but also different from anything else that he had tried. No.1 Simon never touches anything korean or asian for that matter just incase it sets his nut allergy off, so trying this was something new! Also, due to it being pork this allowed for a completely different taste to what he is used to as you would normally expect to see chicken or beef.

Overall, we had a lovely evening at the Forum and would highly recommend anyone tries out the new menu when they are looking for somewhere to eat in Sheffield. It is all very reasonably priced. The drinks have happy hour on regularly so obviously thats worth checking out also!!

The website is - go over and check out their menus and book tables online! It may be a good place to go for a christmas works doo or even just a catch up with your friends!! 


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