Friday, 20 November 2015

The body shop UK christmas event

So on Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the Body Shop Meadowhall Christmas blogger event which was one of the first of my blogger events in the Sheffield area! I was so excited for this event for so many reasons, meeting new people, getting excited about all things christmas, getting to know other bloggers from the area, trying out all the incredible body shop products, and just having a fab night all in all! I really do feel incredibly lucky to have such a good hobby which means I get to meet incredible people, go shopping & do things I love like photography and learning about make up and skincare products etc. 

The event was on for 2 hours on Sunday evening and was so fun, it involved meeting lots of other bloggers, a make up tutorial and introduction to some of the new products, nibbles and drinks and an exclusive shopping event. I have always been a huge fan of the body shop products anyway, but to be invited to an event of theirs with exclusive access to christmas products was absolutely incredible. Sometimes I find when walking about the shops that they are overwhelmingly busy and you struggle to be able to really look at products and decide what you want, especially at christmas time - you need to be on a mission when you go into the shop, grab what you want and leave. The fab thing about this event was that you could wander around slowly looking at all of the products, test things, talk to the lovely staff and other bloggers and there was literally no rush with anything! 

The christmas scents include Glazed apple, frosted plum and frosted cranberry and they are literally all absolutely beautiful - and because of this I bought something from each of their ranges!! Which you will be able to see soon as I have collected that many products I have decided to do a haul post to follow this one! I HIGHLY recommend you guys go in to the body shop and try out their ranges for christmas this year, there are so many incredible products!! 

I met some lovely girls at the event also, but was particularly excited to meet Talisa from - it's so nice and refreshing to meet other people who share your interests and are very approachable and nice to be around! I was so happy that we chatted before the event because when we met eachother it was super relaxed and we got on extremely well! I highly recommend you all go over and check her blog out also, her posts are incredible and she is so lovely! 
I get so excited for these blogger events, it's another aspect of blogging I love! I'm a very sociable person and so these events mean you get to interact with people who like the same things as you and you can have conversations which are mutual and everyone understands, also its nice to share ideas and thoughts on things! Like cameras, favourite bloggers, blogging schedules etc! I cant wait to attend some more events soon, I have a few coming up in December which should be really fun so keep a watch out on my social media to hear all about them!!
AND finally, dont forget to go over to the body shops website and check out their products! Including their advent calenders as you get some incredible products in there also! If you live in the Sheffield/South Yorkshire area then should definitely visit the body shop at Meadowhall, the girls are so welcoming, very chatty and approachable and would definitely be happy to help any of you out!!



  1. Thank you for your kind words honey! It was lovely to meet you too! Lets hope we can attend more events together as fellow Sheffield bloggers <3 xx

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