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Something Personal: Changes, Happiness and A busy life

I haven't written something personal for a little while, but since I love my personal posts and the lifestyle aspects of my blog I figured it was definitely time to give you all a little update. An awful lot has occurred lately, and instead of broadcasting it constantly I'm trying out a little bit of a different tactic. I thought I'd give you an update on here because I'm trying to change my ways and not make negative remarks on social media about my life.. because I'm trying out the theory that if I'm more positive then all the bad things will be forgotten about and I'll in turn feel much happier. Before you all read on thinking that this post is going to be negative, it is not. Its actually all about positive changes in my life and for the first time in over a year I feel the most content and happy I've felt. 

My Nursing Career 

So as you all may know, I work in an Intensive Care department as a Staff Nurse - Full time. My job is going super well at the moment, I'm learning so much every single day and also feeling more and more proud of myself following every shift I do. This is simply because of the nature of the care I provide, it involves quickly acting on any changes and obviously this involves a good knowledge base. So obviously it makes me proud to know I'm looking after people who are requiring such high levels of care whilst also being able to refer back to all of the knowledge and skills I have learnt, to know how to intervene correctly to make people better. As a nurse in intensive care you also get a lot of autonomy and I really like feeling like my opinion and voice counts for something. So as a whole I'm super happy in my career, I've got an intensive care job which is what I've wanted since I was a student Nurse and I'm definitely ready to continue growing in this position! 


Lately I've been spending so much time either on the phone to my family or visiting them, and I could not be happier about this. Last year when I lived in Cardiff it was super difficult to see anybody, and now I live in Sheffield I am right in the middle of where all of my family lives so it is perfect for everybody to meet up! Since moving I am literally only an hour and a half drive from home and half an hour from my Aunty and cousins, and it makes life so much easier to know everybody is so close & planning spontaneously is easy to do! 
Lately so much has gone on and knowing I have my Mum on the other end of the phone at any time is the best! She really is my best friend and has my best interests at heart no matter what, even if at some times it may seem like what she is saying is harsh or not what I want to hear, I know that she only means well. It's the same for my brother James, he always say it as it is.. but again he see's everything the way it truly is, gives me really good advice and because he is very involved with my life as a friend as well, I trust his instinct completely. 
Then we move on to my Aunty, I used to spend so much time with Steph and loved every moment of it. Shes only 14 years older than me, which is the same age difference as between me and my youngest brother.. so sometimes it feels like she is more like a sister than an aunty! Being around Steph is like a breath of fresh air.. she puts up with no shit whatsoever and always gets straight to the point.. nobody would ever have the opportunity to upset her twice. I need to spend more time around her, she proves to me what is important and makes me want to have more of her attitude. 

My Thoughts and Relationships

A lot has changed, but finally in a good way. I'm genuinely really happy for the first time in a year. I feel strong, focussed, independent and this is what I've been needing to feel for so long. In the past year I've been let down more times than I would care to recall, accused of stuff I haven't done, had things written about me online which are completely falsified but now I've made a choice to move on from a lot of things. I don't know whether any of the people I actually know read this, I guess not but if they do I'm sure they will think this is directed at them - it isn't. AND also, if you think that then you obviously have reason to feel paranoid that this may be about you. Its a generalisation actually, this is just me saying that i've made changes to a lot of situations. Suddenly my mindset has changed. I'm really happy to have minimal involvement in my old life, I'm now focussing on my new life, my new social media and the positivity on there and my blog. Also seeing certain things on my old social media doesn't mean anything to me any more, I used to go hunting for things even though I knew they'd upset me but now I just don't look. Its such a shame because there really is a handful of people I really like, and like to see what they're up to.. but there is some who upset me and disappoint me deliberately or just don't care enough to realise what they are doing. Anyway, I love the positivity and excitement I now feel about my life. Anyone I want to be a part of my life, has my number, knows where I live and if they need me they know exactly where I am.. I don't need that connection with them via social media to keep things afloat any more. Hence me being so close to deleting my old accounts. I am focussed and determined to continue in this direction, and like I say if you want to be a positive part of my changes then you know where I am. 


This is actually one of the topics I've been really wanting to share with you. I started blogging back in August 2014 because my brother suggested it and thought I'd be pretty good at it. The year I blogged in Cardiff was pretty slow, but it was me building up my own brand, finding my uniqueness and figuring out what I wanted to focus my content on. I learnt a lot in the first year about myself, about blogging in general, about social media, about the internet, about other people etc, and I am very grateful for that year. Sometimes however, I do feel as though I was a little bit naive. I immediatley had this perception in my head that I was in a position to offer advice to people about blogging, when really I was a beginner... and still am. I feel kind of embarrassed to look back at some of the things I talked about and expected to happened, because lets be honest I really didn't know anything, and my blog content was far from good. Anyway, I've continued to change things and grow my blog.. At present I blog 4 times a week but I'm feeling that that may need to increase at the moment. I don't believe in plagiarism so therefore all of my blog posts are unique, never copied from anyone else. Obviously ideas - yes, but actual content - no. Recently my blog has become a domain which I am pleased with! Also for some bizarre reason and unknown to me (although I'm very happy with) I seem to be getting a lot of incredible opportunities offered to me from various different companies - local and UK wide. I literally could not be more grateful for these opportunities, it means so much when I get emails saying that people have had a look at my blog or social media and thought I was a 'nice girl' and want to work with me! I'm not blogging because I want to make anything out of it, I'm doing it because I love it and it makes me happy and like I've said before it feels a huge gap that was in my life previously. I now have a very very busy life, its so hard to schedule everything in, but this makes me happy because last year when everything was changing and I was living in Cardiff, I felt really empty and like my days off work were just a waste of time. Now I feel like I'm putting them to great use. I'm very happy to take any opportunity given to me, and no matter what it is I like to challenge myself and think of out of the box ideas to promote or review a product. I also love doing my beauty, fashion, make up, lifestyle and advice posts so much, which is why I blog so often, because I just have so many ideas spinning around my head that I need to get out there. If any of you out there want to work with me then don't hesitate to contact me on :


Leading a busy life is my ideal right now. No time for over-thinking and only time to focus on my content, my job, my home, my boyfriend, my family and the incredible opportunities I have coming my way. I have really recently been to many events which are all appearing on the blog. At the weekend I'm going for a day out in Manchester for my 7 year anniversary with Simon and are going to the UNICEF football match with David Beckham and other footballers (im useless with names and remembering people). I've spent loads of time with my family and next weekend Im also going for a long weekend in London with my Nanna, Aunty & Mum which im super excited for! I just love making plans!! They are one thing that keeps me super focussed and excited about upcoming times!! 

I'm really happy I have posted this on my blog as its been a little while. Hope I didnt bore you all half to death with my recent news, changes, thoughts etc. I'm really happy and focussed right now which is pretty much the summary of this whole post - so again, this wasn't negative towards anybody specific. Its me making changes, understanding that things change and just rolling with it. I'm not playing the negativity game any more, which is why I want to emphasise that in no way is this my way of bitching or digging at people. 

I'm really keen to meet new people, go to new exciting events, work with exciting people and just get super into the christmas spirit!! 

Stay Happy and Positive Guys!!



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