Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Henna love

Last week I was approached by a lovely lady from Rotherham, Near Sheffield UK who asked me if she could come and do some henna on me! Obviously because I am a nurse I'd never really considered it before as I thought that they were only ever really done on peoples arms or hands - however after being offered this opportunity I then decided to do some research and actually found that they can be done all over the body really. 

What I really loved about this was that 'TheMehndiGirl' actually did her research and offered me it on my feet as she knew I was a nurse from looking through my blog and instagram. I then chose the designs I liked and she came around the following day to do then for me! 

I felt extremely comfortable with her in my home and she was so lovely and nice to talk to!! I had a really good chat about henna in general and learnt so much about how there are different designs etc. 

The first one was the incredible design on my right foot which was an arabic pattern. I found this image on the internet and showed Subbia the design and she then created it for me but made alterations and her own annotations to it. I absolutely love how detailed it was and how talented the lovely Subbia is. 

The second design was more of a simple one but actually the amount of detailing and effort that went into it showed it really wasn't simple. It was a fern leaf/feather looking design (I'd say fern leaf), and I designed to have this one sweeping over my left ankle because I thought it would look lovely and pretty but also extremely discreet to not attract attention with my job. You can see from the photographs how well this turned out. I find it really unbelievable that these designs have been created by the tiniest nib on a 'cone' of henna. I literally couldn't believe the talent. 

Subbia has her own business in the Sheffield area doing henna art for people, and the rates she charges are absolutely incredibly reasonable. She also gave me the option to go to her place to have it done or she would come to mine, which I chose to do because I am new to the Sheffield area and know my way to about 3 places in the city in my car and I'd only get lost trying to find her place! I am definitely already considering my next henna and have a few ideas for when I'd like to have some done (but I wont ruin it because some are completely different and original and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you all). I also was thinking it may be a fantastic idea to have a little henna party at some point. As my friends rarely visit I thought at some point it may be a nice idea to get hennas done pre nights out as something a little bit different! But we will see what happens. Subbia informed me that at the present time her rates for the fern leaf on the left would be approximately £5 and on the right foot could be up to £10 but as they last up to 2 weeks I believe that this is completely reasonable.. and as she is incredibly talented you know that you wont get a shoddy job. At the moment she's only working via instagram so I highly recommend you guys all go give her a follow and also send a private message if you are interested!! 


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