Monday, 16 November 2015

Golden Tones and Matte Red Lips

Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite time of year for creating new make up looks. I love a golden toned make up look which is very autumnal in that it reminds me of the natural colours of the leaves and also I do love a red lip because it stands out so much.  I feel like a red lip looks incredible to go with golden make up and also the darker tones of clothes we wear at this time of year. 

This year I have definitely experimented much more with make up and fashion and love playing around blending colours and seeing what I can create. Its also no secret that I love my lipsticks, however this year it seems that a nude lip has been my thing.. so sometimes when I wear a red it makes a pleasant change. 

This whole make up look is actually made up of new products or products which barely ever see the light of day from my make up box, so I am pretty impressed with what I have managed to create! So, for my eyes I usually go for something nude but smokey just for ease really and because my usual nude lip goes super well with a generic nude look. Today however I went for something a little bit more glitzy but still acts as a day time look. 

On my eyes I used a Topshop eyeshadow product named 'wax + wane' which I actually bought last year for christmas time because it is this beautiful red/pink which changes colour with the light! I think its the perfect colour for this season because it is so sparkly. As 'blending' is now the trend and there's no such thing as just one colour being allowed on your eyes, I then blended it with the Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade 'eternal gold' which is this incredible yellow gold shade! Very appropriate for the upcoming christmas season because gold is just so festive! I do love creme based products, I rarely ever use them but when I do I am reminded why I love them so much! So easy to apply and the pigmentation is so good also. I blended these 2 products together because the golden creme shadow picked up the glittery pigment of the Topshop powder based product and created such an incredible shade! 

Obviously because this look is one which is branching towards looking slightly festive I went for the red lip. I haven't actually worn red lipstick for so long but this is one of the newbies from Maybellines matte collection and I'm obsessed with most of these lipsticks anyway! 
This one is in shade 'craving coral' and is what it says on the tin really, a red with a coral tinge. Usually when I think of coral I immediately think of Summer but this one is definitely wearable for all seasons, as you can see!! I think my next additions to my make up collection need to be some deep purple shades which will see me through the winter, I just love lipsticks more than life. 

Topshop Wax + Wane Eyeshadow
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow 'Eternal Gold'
Maybelline Matte Lipstick 'Craving Coral' 


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