Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Get to know the Body Shop Christmas Collection...

Very recently I was lucky enough to attend a Christmas Bloggers event run by the Body shop (which you may have read all about in a previous blog post), this event was an opportunity to have a sneaky peak at the christmas collections.. allowing time to really try out the products and get a little feel for everything! As I said in my post about the event, its normally quite difficult to really have a good wander around any shop and get a decent feel for products, instead its like a rat race trying to dash around the shops picking up gifts for people and you just tend to grab the things you think look the best instead of actually smelling them or trying them out. Anyway, in this post I'm going to fill you all in on what these products are really like, so that when you are dashing in and out of the Body Shop you know you're grabbing a good product!

Lets be honest, we all love the body shop and its a great place to get some christmas presents. This is because, we can honestly rely on their products to be of great quality, smell amazing, there is always a scent that everyone is going to love, and their products are always packaged amazingly so always look very amazing on the eye. Even if you struggle with a gift idea for someone you know you can nip into the Body shop and grab one of their little gift boxes (Like the above coconut one) and it was 100% satisfy someone! These little sets are amazingly good value for the products you get, and in the above set you get a body wash, a body lotion, and a shower scrub - obviously in a lovely little box too. These kind of things SMELL INSANE, and also make the perfect little gift for someone - say maybe a secret santa gift, your childs teacher, your grandma, a stocking filler .. the list is endless really. 

Do you know someone who is a make up or beauty product lover? Well I literally think that this is the perfect Body Shop gift for someone who fits this title. In this little bag of goodies you get an eyeshadow quad, a glittery dazzle dust and also a sparkly nail varnish. All of these are absolutely perfect for the festive season and an amazing gift for someone who loves these kind of goodies. FIRSTLY, il start with the fact that this set is worth £37 and you actually get it all for the amazing price of £22 - that is far too good of an offer to miss!! I'll tell you now as well, I purchased one of these quads for myself and have been using it religiously - the colours are incredible, very very pigmented which is what you want in an eyeshadow obviously and they are so worth the money!! I also have one of these dazzle dusts and they are the perfect finish to every beauty lovers outfit - I spritz it over myself once I'm all ready to go out and it leaves not only an incredible smell (like marshmallows) but also leaves you all shimmery and christmas esque (I also wear mine in Summer though because it leaves you looking all glowy and amazing), so again I would recommend this. This is honestly an offer you cant miss, especially because of the incredible offer available this christmas. This one is the silver set but you can also get the golds which I will show you below! 

Do you know someone who is a lover of cutesy animal things? Like this incredible little shower scrubber. This comes in various animal designs and would be the perfect stocking filler. I am saving mine for christmas time because I just think it will make me feel all festive in the shower (sad but trueee). Very good value also, and just too cute to resist!! Don't miss these! 

Next I bring you my favourite product of all. This insane Gold eye shadow quad (Like the one included in the set above but not silver). I purchased this one as a little treat to myself so that I can create some insane eye shadow looks for this festive season, and wow... that it does!! I recently just went to London and used this quad every single day because I just love the looks you can create when you blend these colours!! Tutorial to come soon obviously!! These again, are extremely pigmented and just look so glowy and unreal on the eyes. Literally could not recommend this product more to either yourself as a christmas treat or for someone who loves make up and beauty products! Soooo beautiful. Watch on my blog soon for a tutorial of a look created with these shades!!

Lastly, I would just like to mention some of the christmas scents and this product above in particular. The scents this year for christmas are Glazed apple, Frosted Plum and Frosted Cranberry and if you are a frequent shopper in the Body shop then I wont really need to tell you how amazing these smell, you will already have guessed!! The ranges of these products are suited to all.. you can get shower gels, body lotions, body shimmers, hand creams, christmas gift sets, body sprays etc.. so obviously there is a product to suit everyone. I found it extremely difficult to choose which products I wanted from their collections this year and managed to get a few gifty pieces but also a couple of products for myself. I grabbed myself the Frosted plum hand cream, which is INSANE.. I am far too obsessed with using this, so now not only are my hands incredibly smooth but they also smell good enough to eat! From the Cranberry collection I got generously given a cranberry shower gel which I cannot wait to start using as it smells truly like christmas and just so delicious. I also got the above product which is the Glazed apple body shimmer lotion. It was a close call, but this scent is my favourite out of the 3 and WOW I just love how incredible and glowy my skin looks when I use it. Its got a shimmery element to it, which is very pigmented so you do not need very much at all to see the full effects! I would again, recommend this for yourself if you want a product which will make you stand out from the crowd with incredible glowy skin this season, or if you know someone who would truly appreciate this as a gift then you NEED to get this. 

I hope I have inspired some of you to grab some pieces from the christmas collection. Also, don't forget this week (BLACK FRIDAY WEEK) you will be able to grab products from The Body Shop for 40% off so obviously this is something which you cannot miss. I have linked all of the products below for you all as well, so that you can grab yourself them if you liked the sound of them! I would just like to reiterate also, that my reviews are not exaggerated or falsified in any way.. so these are my true views of the products and I am not lying when I say it was a massive struggle to choose which products I wanted - because they were simply all so amazing! Let me know in the comments if you purchased any! 

Eye shadow, shimmer and nail varnish gift set - available in store




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