Sunday, 22 November 2015

Being a bloggers boyfriend...

As something a little bit different I thought I would give my other half the opportunity to voice his opinions for once! I figured it would be a nice little addition to my blog to ask my boyfriends opinion on my blog and what his perceptions of blogging are. I completely left him to his own devices with this one and let him run free writing a post which I knew would be on display for the whole internet to see! Its always interesting to see what the person you live with thinks of blogging, because sometimes people don't fully understand how much work goes into it and how many people are behind it. I hope you guys enjoy anyway, and i'll be back with my usual posts tomorrow! 

I never expected it to last. I assumed it was just a passing phase whilst she was bored. But here we are more than a year later and Blogging is a bigger part of my girlfriends life than ever.

It started as something to burn off all those spare hours when we first moved down to Cardiff, since she didn't start her new job for another month she needed something to fill her days with. We were slightly isolated, in a new part of the UK away from friends and family so naturally she reached out to the internet to network with like minded people. Now she is better connected than ever. I'm amazed when she tells me just how far reaching her posts are, and I'm so happy for her when she receives recognition from people and companies the world over.

For me this means being on the other end of the camera, proof reading posts and being dragged along to random events she gets invited to. I'm also expected to act delighted when another top arrives and I'm practically on first name terms with the postman. Yet none of this bothers me since it makes her happy, and you support your loved ones in whatever they do that makes them happy right?

Maybe happy isn't the right word. Or maybe it isn't enough. Through blogging she has become more confident, more engaged and more outgoing than ever before. She's made new friends and been approached by people with fantastic opportunities. And best of all, it's through doing something she loves! I'll admit, fashion and lifestyle aren't the highest things on my list of priorities, and as an engineer I think logically and my decisions are well thought out. Impulsive shopping splurges do definitely not fit into that category. Nevertheless, I've found myself actively contributing to her blog and we often bounce ideas off each other.

Whatlaurenlovess has come on leaps and bounds since its inception, and she's embarrassingly now better at iMovie, photography and coding in html than me! But I'm proud of what she's achieved, and will continue to achieve, as its all come from her own hard work, dedication and creativity. These couple of months have seen a phenomenal spike in interest and I'm genuinely excited to see where we will be in a years time!


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  1. Aw this is lovely! I know my boyfriend is seriously impressed with things that have come with blogging, people who don't blog/understand it, are really impressed since its not something they could do. I think being a good blogger or one that gains from it is a real talent and its such fun to know we've got people that support us with it!


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