Monday, 23 November 2015

Autumn essentials

Its no secret that I have been crazy for Autumn this year .. and oddly this is quite a new thing as usually I'm a summer kind of girl. I guess things change, ha. Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you some of my essential items this Autumn, which I just would never have been able to get through the season without. Firstly, I'm crazy for the beautiful tree's, leaves, the freshness in the air - but it's pushing towards the end of the year now and the weather is getting chillier and chillier, and I definitely need some of these home comforts to come home to after being outside. 

Firstly I will jump straight to the d r i n k I have been loving more than tea this Autumn, which is definitely the Nescafe Choccino pods for my Dolce Gusto Machine. I got this machine for my birthday back in September and have been obsessed with it ever since. I love these pods because the hot chocolate is so easy and quick to make and is not too heavy like some hot chocolates can be. If anybody is looking to try the pods if you have one of these machines I would recommend getting them from here because they are such good value. When I come home freezing cold and want to make something quickly and easily these are just perfect to do this. 

So, for m a k e u p and s k i n c a r e I have been using some new products but also some oldies which I have been loving all over again. Firstly, lets talk lipstick.. as always I have been crazy for nudes this season and seem to be finding myself wearing them constantly. I feel like nude lipsticks are the perfect shades to go with any eye make up look that you create, and at the moment I am very much into my shimmery golds and smoky eyes and because I have not been 'out' on an evening much I need to tone down the look so it is more daytime esque, and I definitely feel like a nude lip does this. If you follow my instagram you will know that on pretty much every photo I post lately, I have had a nude lip! I'd also like to mention a new product to my collection which is the LA girl pro concealer in shade 'toffee' which I have been using as my contour lately. I actually heard all about this from watching Sarah Ashcrofts youtube channel and noticing how much she raved about these concealers for contour and highlighting. Anyway, I can totally see what all the fuss is about.. they are very workable and the product is amazing value (Grab it here), also the colour is a lovely warm shade and has no shimmer so is great for a daytime but also very wearable on my wintery pale skin. 
Lately I have actually been having a pretty good time with my usually horrendous skin, this is mainly due to the incredible treatments I had a little while back at a local beauty spa but also because of the products I have been treating my skin to recently. In particular this Benefit moisturiser is a love of mine, its very thick and creamy and is my absolute dream night time face cream. It's got a high end price tag but I am a total convert in that you need to splurge a little bit on skincare to ensure that the product does the job, especially if you have troublesome skin like mine. I think in the colder seasons there is nothing better than taking your days make up off, washing your face and popping a thick creamy face mask on - there is something really fulfilling and cosy about this. Also, because of the nature of my job and how often it involves washing your hands, I NEED a hand moisturiser preferably of a nice scent at allll times. Recently I just got my mitts on this one from the Body Shop, which smells incredible but I have also been loving 'Hand Food' by Soap And Glory! Basically, I just need a really good hand cream in my life at this time of year, it is an absolute essential.
I'll quickly just mention a scent I have been loving this season also, which is 'Eau Nude' by Next (Something Nude, shock). I absolutely love this fragrance, its so wearable and is so affordable also that I dont feel guilty when I spray myself about 7 times each time I pop it on. For a high street shops fragrance this really is beautiful and will definitely be a re-purchase of mine I'm sure. 

Next I will talk candles.. this one is also a birthday gift from my friend Poppy (If you read this Poppy then I just want to say thanks, & you have incredible candle taste. Originally when we moved into our house I was lead to believe that I wasn't allowed candles and because of this I have not burnt one for 3 months. However, it suddenly dawned on me one day that I had never actually seen this in writing and it was probablies something that Simon had made up since he seems to have a vendetta against the amount of candles I actually own. Anyway - because of this I decided one chilly afternoon when it was horrible and dull outside that I would burn one of my new candles. I love candles so much and this one smells so incredible. I love coconut anyway but this one is beautiful, it has such a warm scent and doesn't resemble summer whatsoever which is what you want for a winter candle. (Click here to purchase). I've been savouring this candle for so long and when I burn it I really don't need to have it on for too long for the scent to fill the whole room! Loveeee it. 

Another thing I have been totally swooning over lately is head wear .. so pieces like hats, headbands, fedoras etc. One piece I have particularly been loving is this navy tartan headband from New Look. I haven't worn a head band in so long and literally in love with this one, I love the autumnal print, the fact that the bow is adjustable and doesn't stick out too much and I love the colour also. Head bands literally transform a hair style from being a boring old messy bun to something very stylish and that's what I love. I'm absolutely rubbish at making my hair look good when its up in a bobble so anything that can help me along is a bonus. Need to invest in some more hair bands now I know they actually compliment my hair rather than make it look worse!!

What are your essential items for the Autumn? Does anyone have any recommendations for incredible autumn smelling candles I NEED to try? If you do then please comment them below for me to give a try!!


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