Friday, 9 October 2015

Tragus studs with

When I was going through my late teenage years piercings seemed to be something I was just obsessed with and I got a few and some I grew out of but some I kept because I just simply loved them so much. One of these was my tragus piercing which I wanted for so long, finally endured the pain to get it and then have kept it since! The only thing with this piercing is that over the last few years I have neglected it a little bit, in that I have stuck to wearing the same 2 tragus bars and this is mainly because it used to terrify me changing the bar incase the ball fell into my ear canal - weird I know. 

Anyway, when I was given the opportunity to work with The body jewellery shop I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to venture out and get some pretty new bars to experiment with, in the hope that their prettiness would tempt me into plucking up the courage to change mine! I chose 3 beautiful new bars for my tragus ear piercing. 

The 1st I chose was this beautiful pink diamante stud which to be is my ideal everyday tragus bar - on a daily basis I wear little pink studs anyway, so to have a beautiful and delicate looking tragus bar which is the same as them is great! It was super easy to put in and I love how simple and modest it is. Due to the nature of my job, I am not allowed to wear any jewellery, and what I do wear has got to be discreet, so this is perfect and definitely isnt too showy! Thankyou for providing me with my everyday tragus bar Body Jewellery Shop

Next is another of my new favourite bars which is a little bit more showy but looks SO pretty in the ear!! Its this beautiful silver feather bar and I love it! I have to admit, this one gave me a lot of anxiety when i was putting it in, I think its probablies an accumulation of factors such as the size of my ears, the placement of the feather, the placement of the tragus... I had to have about 12 attempts to put it in ha! But when i managed I left it in for days because I lovedddd how pretty it looked!! 

Finally I chose something a little bit more out there and different but as I really wanted to experiment I thought why not. I chose this beautiful butterfly bar, I really think this looks so beautiful, especially when you have your hair up so that you can show it off! 

I would definitely recommend The Body Jewellery Shop for your piercing jewellery, the have a fantastic range, its amazing value and the products are great (in that you dont go green after wearing them). I have linked above each item of jewellery and the links to the website so that you can go over and check it out... I highly recommend you do!!


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