Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lets talk about Organ Donation...

Its a controversial subject which sometimes remains unspoken about but it really really shouldn't be. As I sit at this very moment at work writing into my notepad (on what is currently a calm moment, and on my break) it has really dawned on me that organ donation is so crucial. Obviously it is crucial, but I don't think people understand just how much or what it means sometimes. 

Before I started my new job I was quite unaware of the true realities behind the whole process of organ donation - and to me it seemed as though it was pretty self explanatory. However I very very quickly learnt that it isn't. 

I bet a lot of you think its just a case of removing peoples organs? but do you think about the recipient, blood matching and tissue typing processes? What happens when you have not officially consent to being an organ donor? I have now experienced of being on either end of the spectrum... in that I am closely involved with families making decisions about organ donation through my job, also I see the effects of patients and their loved ones who are awaiting an organ to become available for transplantation. I am also closely involved with with a recipient who refers to his kidney transplant 14 years ago as "his second birthday" the day he was born again and his life was saved. 

Sometimes I feel like people need to just stop for one second and imagine if your loved one was so critically ill that the only way to save their life was to have transplant of some kind, and imagine the frustration of this. 
Let me tell you something before I continue... if in correct working order and appropriate for a particular recipient, your organs could save between 1-5 lives (maybe even more). If you know that your last act on this earth is giving another human a second chance at life wouldn't you want to help? Some people may have their own reasons for not wanting to donate their organs, it could be that you aren't actually allowed due to religion or health conditions of your own... but wouldn't life be so much easier knowing your relatives were fully informed of your feelings and wishes towards the subject? Although a sombre topic - I do think that it is extremely important to be aware of your families wishes. 

Some people have their own views about particular organs... I even used to myself such as that "I didn't want to donate my heart because I loved with it" and "I wanted to keep my eyes so that I could see my way to heaven" etc etc. But lets just be realists for one second... other people will need my organs more than me when I am gone, and I hope that my family can be happy and proud that I opted to help other people even after I was no longer here. 

This post by the way... is not meant to be at all sad or sombre. Its meant as a message or even a thought provoker into you guys having these conversations with your loved ones and informing them of your wishes , or even simply heading to the organ donation website and signing up. If you need more information just go over to the website which I have linked below and read up a little bit more around the subject, and then make your mind up! I decided to write this post because I understand and see the heartache that people go through on a very regular basis.. watching their loved ones suffer and a decision made by each and every one of us when we are alive and well could impact someone else more than anyone can ever imagine.  

Lets all be proud of ourselves and our loved ones for doing something amazing for someone else, even after we are gone!! 


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