Sunday, 25 October 2015

Instanatural Argon Oil Review

Just another Instanatural product i've fallen for..

So this times its the argon oil, and if you know me you'll know argon oil is an essential item of mine for everyday use anyway. I'm a true believer in its effects for transforming your hair! So I was super excited when the guys from instanatural approached me about reviewing this product. I've had this for some weeks now and its given me opportunity to get a true feel for the effects of this oil as opposed to rushing to get the post up and not really knowing what its true impact is. 

Anyway, I was shocked the first time I used it because its very unlike any other argon oil id used, and at first I was a little bit dubious because it felt very drying on my hands when I was spreading the product around prior to applying to my hair. However, the effects on my hair have been great and I love how nourished and healthy is leaves my hair feeling! If you are looking for a really good argon oil for your hair that will last you a lifetime I'd honestly recommend this one. The reason I say it will last you a lifetime is because when you apply 2-3 drops of this on your hands you know that its more than enough, in that you can tell that if you add just 1 more drop your hair will be greasy.. I can tell anyway. Which is why I'm very cautious with how much I use because I know that i'll only end up needing to go for shower number 2 if i'm not careful. 

I now have a few instanatural products and they are fast becoming a brand I'm crazy about - for some reason I think their products just hit the nail on the head exactly right. Yeah we all love our packaging which is pretty, and our scents.. but you honestly cant go wrong with a product that hits the nail right on the head with simply the product alone. No distractions.. just an incredible product. For example the argon oil isn't scented, but I love it all the same. Also, the face products I own are extremely fresh and exactly what I want in a product, especially as I save them for those occasion when my skin is in a right state, and feeling fresh is exactly what I want at that moment!! 

So, thanks again Instanatural. I will leave all links below! 



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  1. I've never heard of this brand. May have to have a cheeky purchase- looks lovely! xx

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