Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to balance a full time job with blogging?

Sometimes I need to stop for just one second and remember i'm only human, some individuals barely make time for a part time job, never mind working full time and pretty much dedicating all your spare time to blogging. I have to admit, my blog doesnt really "stress" me out... I dont let it because its something I absolutely love to do. This is the simple reason why I am able to effectively balance my full time job in Nursing and my blog - because I enjoy it so much! My photography, advice and my writing are so important to me and my blog is 100% my happy place. 

I am able to balance my job and my blog because I am able to be organised and schedule posts weeks in advance. I take the photographs I need for each post at the first available opportunity and have spaces in my schedule for any ideas/reviews that may pop up spontaneously. 

Another reason is because my blog is effectively my alter ego. Its the girl who loves beauty, hair, make up, fashion, shopping and my blog is the platform which allows me to explore this more, aside from being a minimalist nurse and being unable to wear much make up, have nice hair, or even look good to be honest. Im always too busy to even think about the way I look when im at work. It also allows me the opportunity to take a step back from the severity of some situations I am involved with when Im at work, and just enjoy my life. 

I also think that when you see something being successful it makes your strive to work a lot harder to continue. Opportunities are popping up now which I never thought would land in my lap and I can 100% its because of the perseverance, time, work and effort which goes into my blog. Everything I do or create is 100% my own work and ideas, and yes it sometimes may be a trend to create particular make up looks etc but I always like to use a montage of my own choice of products and create my own style. 

If I was to give 3 top tip to balance full time work with blogging then they would be: 

- Get your organisational head on. You can plan ahead to arrange your posts for when you are preoccupied with work. 

- Enjoy your blog and your life in general then nothing ever feels like a chore. Also, this gives you inspiration for your posts.. as if you enjoy what you do every day it makes you have new and fresh ideas and include your general life in your blog. 

- Schedule blog posts, plan photo opportunities and jot down your ideas as and when you have them. 

To me, my blog fills a space in my life that no human can fill. Its a place which is entirely my own thoughts and opinions, its a place where I know people to purely read what I write about - So its a personal choice people make to come and visit my blog. Its also a place which has taught me lessons I would have never learnt if it hadnt been for starting blogging. That I dont need the support of anyone other than readers to make it work, I dont crave support from my family and friends because sometimes I dont think people fully understand blogging and I dont want to think of it as shoving it in someones face.. Im just hoping that if things continue in this direction the people close to me will become a little bit more familiar with my involvement with social media and what blogging actually is.. but without their full interest right now, im doing ok :). That it can make people dislike you for completely irrational reasons but this isnt always negative because if people show their true colours then its a good thing to back away from that. That the internet is such a huge place and the opportunities out there really are endless, you honestly dont know which email you are going to receive next... its incredible!! 

I sometimes think im mad, il go to work and do a 12.5 hour shift and come home and blog between shifts - because I just love it so much and would also be so disappointed in myself if I let myself become one of these inconsistent bloggers. A while ago I was actually forced to take a break due to lack of internet in my new house - this did not make me happy at all, in fact I hated it!! I missed it so much! This is the exact reason why I make that concious effort to blog even with a full time job, its a part of me now and its morphed me into who I am today. 


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  1. I really need to stop stressing about my blog, and need to get more organised. I've found that I've lost a lot of motivation even for dressing up nicely now, I'm so use to uniform (nursing trousers are so uncomfortable) that on weekends I tend to just dress down in comfy clothes. I'll definitely follow the top tips though! :) x



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