Monday, 5 October 2015

Family Fun At The Zoo

Family days are literally my favourite things ever! I love nothing more than spending time with my incredible family, especially when it involves seeing my aunty and little cousins who I literally never ever see. Family are so important to me, and sometimes I just want nothing more than to be immature and mess around with my little brother and cousins to forget about everything else! I love spending time with my Aunty and Mum too, they are 2 of my best friends and Im so lucky to be so close to them both! My aunty is only 14 years older than me which is exactly the same age distance as me and my youngest brother Matthew, so sometimes its more like shes an older sister to me than an Aunty. 

I absolutely loved this day, we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which I was expecting to be pretty small and not have huge animals in but I was actually extremely surprised! The animals were all big and had huge enclosures which was obviously super good! It was such a lovely day out, and obviously the weather was beautiful which made the day so much better. We watched this really good and pretty informative talk from one of the zookeepers about birds of prey and insects and found out some rather interesting facts about Cockroaches which believe me, has frightened me into never ever standing on one!! My little brother was chosen from the crowd to hold a giant cockroach too, I couldnt believe how brave he was... I definitely would not have been able to do it! 

Anyways, I just thought id put these photos together as Im a huge animal lover, had such a lovely day and also got some beautiful photos of my family.. So if you like all of these kind of things then I hope you enjoyed :) 

Ps, visit The Yorkshire Wildlife Park if you are in the area... its very good!! 


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