Friday, 30 October 2015

Essential Items You Will Need for A Girls Night Out...

We all have our own individual essential items for a night out. Some we use have to have for every single night out, and others just for special occasions.. on this occasion I've gathered together some items I'd have on a night I have literally all day to get ready and can truly pamper before heading out. 

In my eyes for true night out preparation, you need a chilled bottle of cava/champagne/wine/prosecco - something fizzy though. Good make up. A killer lip colour. Lashes. Chanel Perfume. Decent nails. A new outfit and some comfy yet incredible shoes. 

On this occasion I was off for a night out in Leeds with the girls and because it was a little bit of a special occasion I decided to go all out and get myself a full new outfit (this is a bit of an obsession of mine, and I like to get new things to wear for nights out as they don't happen as often as they used to). On this occasion I went for a khaki river island bodycon - because lets face it, I have a little bit of an obsession for all things khaki at the moment! AAAAnd, these incredible boots from Public Desire - which were higher than I anticipated but looked killer. If you go over to the shop section of my blog you can grab these items yourself! 

For make up I always ensure I take my favourite products, my best brushes and ensure I've correctly matched up the shades of my eyeshadow's with my outfit and remember to bring a matching lipstick! Not like I'd forget a lipstick - I am obsessed after all! I went for very autumnal make up on this night - so golden toned eye make up and a dark nude lip using Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude Collection in shade 48 - my all time fave. 

Chanel is my scent for nights out - ALWAYS. I love my Chanel fragrances and my collection of products is ever growing. They are definitely not a set of products I'd use on a regular basis, I see them as being luxury and use them only on special occasions. 'Chance' is my newest addition to the collection, and for Leeds I decided it was time for it to be used!! 

Lashes are also a girls night essential, I always have very good intentions of putting them on but I always get so nervous doing it because I immediately expect myself to mess up and ruin them by accident and then my make up would be ruined also. However, I do love my lashes and Eylure ones are obviously my favourites - I don't like anything too big but these ones are perfect for me (Number 100 Petite). 

Nail wise I went for this incredible gel polish by Dior - but don't worry there's a blog post coming up on that really soon!

Let me know in the comments below what your girls night out essentials are!!



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  1. lol! Sometimes all you need in life is girls night out - even on a Monday! Darien


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