Monday, 26 October 2015

A Girls Night In Leeds

Ok so Leeds has never really been somewhere which I have really ventured to, I can count on one hand how many times i've been, and considering I have lived in the North of England all of my life.. that's pretty shameful. The reason behind this trip is because it was my friends birthday and since we never go anywhere together or see each other very often, we decided we'd do something a little bit special. So Leeds it was... 

I instantly fell in love with this city! The shopping, the buildings, our hotel, the bars, the restaurants, and the vibe in general! We paid a visit to a few places such as The Botanist, Alchemist and the incredible restaurant Gusto. We stayed in the Marriott hotel which was incredible, a little of how the other half live. I usually just go for the bog standard hotel but sometimes its quite nice as a little one off to go somewhere that little bit nicer. If you want a hotel in Leeds which is luxury and also has THE most comfortable beds in the world, go to the Marriott. 

Its always nice to have a little catch up with friends. I've been friends with these girls since I was 4 and sometimes its nice to just meet up and catch up on things, update each other on the latest goings on etc. We all lead completely separate lives now, and things have completely changed over the last few years. Back to sixth form when we all lived a stones throw away from eachother, now were all at different places in the UK. They'll always be my best friends, even as life moves on and things change. Its important to never forget the memories and the good times, even if things are so different now. We are all so different as well, and get tips from eachother about various different things.. so when we come together one of us has always changed our hair styles, or lost weight or tried out something knew.. and its nice to share that! Definitely need to dig out some old photos soon!




  1. Looks like so much fun, this is well over due for me! Need a night out myself! X

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