Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wellies, Waterproofs & Short Shorts - Festival Fashion

I am so deeply sad that the festival season is officially over and all of the excitement has to be put to the back of my mind for another year! Last weekend was Creamfields & I honestly have to say I had one of the best weekends of my entire life. Theres nothing I love more than bouncing around to amazing music, laughing, forgetting about every problem you have & spending time with your favourite people! I thought for this post i'd give you a little insight into my Festival outfit choices for this year! 

DAY ONE: Consisted of a pretty patterned Miss Guided Playsuit which i managed to pick up in the sale for £12 a little while back! It was open back, beautifully patterned and amazing chiffon material! I fell in love with this when i spotted it on the website and knew it would be perfect festival attire. I teamed it with my lace rain mac from Topshop which i managed to find on depop a few months back for about a third of the price it is in the shops! I wore a 50p Necklace i managed to hunt down in the primark sale & my hunter wellies (whats the point in taking any other shoes to festivals anyway). For the whole weekend I used my bargain buy Primark bumbag which cost an amazing £3, I was so so shocked when i spotted this in store about a week before Creamfields because between rain macs & bumbags its literally impossible to find these items in any shops on the build up to festivals. 

DAY TWO: I went for a much more 'tight and bright' theme for day 2. I wore my cutesy little lilac/blue crop top with dainty floral print, teamed with my favourite ever denim shorts which are from River Island & Acid wash. A £1 floral headband i managed to hunt down on Miss Guided & a 50p primark necklace (can you tell i was bargain hunting). Sunglasses wise, I went for my dusky plastic framed glasses with blue reflective lenses from River Island, I have had these for a few months now and was super excited to be able to wear them as they are SO festival appropriate. 

DAY THREE: I think this was my favourite outfit of the bunch & surprisingly I only actually put it together a day before Creamfields. I originally bought a blue dress to wear but changed my mind so went on the hunt for something a little different. Now, being small chested I was soooo grateful for how generous this top was at making my boobs look so much bigger and actually subtly on show! I am obsessed with anything lace up so I just loved wearing this striped top! I teamed it with some bargain vintage levis I managed to dig out in a little vintage store in Sheffield city centre for an AMAZING £12. I loveeed how different the colour was and just fell head over heels for them straight away. Accessory wise I teamed this outfit with some £1 primark bracelets, Primark £1.50 aviators & some black long socks. Obviously this outfit screamed that it needed a BRIGHT lip, so i went for my trusty Topshop lipstick in Straight ace. 

It would also be a good time to inform you all (if you havent already noticed) that ive now got a 'shop' section on my blog which is basically a space on my blog which means you can click and go and see what ive been wearing and loving. This will include direct links to any products which i feel i need to share with you all in extra detail! So feel free to click over there after here and click to find the products ive been loving if you want to re-create any of these looks. 


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