Monday, 21 September 2015

Top Tips For Starting University As A Student Nurse

Its been a while since i've done a nursing related post, maybe its because I have been engrossed in my actual nursing job that outside of work i just cant bare to think about it. However, I really want to help people who are also nurses or starting out as a nurse which is why i've decided its probablies time for another post! 

I was going to do an accumulation of question and answers but I figured id do this post and maybe give you all the opportunity to ask any questions in the comments below (if you have any). I have also decided to make this post all about my top tips for those starting out on their nursing career right back in first year (which seems like an eternity ago for me). 

Below is just some top tips for all of you nursing newbies that you may want to consider before starting placement and your courses (which should be starting this week to my knowledge).

- On your first day of placement dont be completely daunted thinking you dont know anything.. honestly it all comes super quickly and you wont believe how much you've learnt when you look back at the end of your first placement, 
- Be careful how many 'sick days' you have. I know freshers is super exciting and everything! But the NMC needs each and every one of us to have done a set amount of hours by the end of 3 years to enable us to qualify! Trust me doing nursing at uni isnt like any other degree so just because your friends are taking the day off to be hungover.. doesnt mean you can. 
- Apply for a bursary! Even if you dont think you'll be elegible for the money, give it a go anyway! Every little helps at the end of the day. 
- Buy yourselves a good pair of shoes for placement. Now, my shoes I bought in first year were/still are the most ugly looking things ever. But honestlyy they are probablies the best £65 ive ever spent. As you can see from the photo, they are hideous but I kid you not.. my feet have thanked me for these shoes. Nobody at work cares what you have on your feet and honestly for the amounts of body fluids and things that will end up on your shoes its just not worth going out and getting a pair which is only gonna last you 2 weeks. I bought this pair for my first placement and im 4 years down the line and they are still going very very strong! Throughout my training I worked alongside othe students who by third year were on their 6th, 7th, 8th pair of shoes all because they went for the fashion factor rather than the practical! I couldnt praise them enough so yourselves to clarks and get a pair. 
- Take every single opportunity given to you as a student, spend days with lots of specialist nurses, visit different settings, ask questions, read things, offer to help with procedures and dressings etc.. you will learn SO much more by doing this! 
- Get yourself a little pad and pen to keep in your pocket. Make little notes whilst you're on placement about medicines and what they do and are used for. Write down drug calculations to work out doses. Write down your jobs to do for the day on your note pad and tick them off as you complete them!
- Sign up for a union. NMC preferably. Even as a student I would completely advise this! Just incase...
- For lectures dont forget the basics like a pen, paper, folder etc. You'll need your notes for your essays so dont think that your lectures are completely pointless.. 

I really hope some of these tips have helped you all starting out. Trust me when i say your nurse training will fly! I couldnt quite believe how quickly it went! Another thing, make the most of every single episode of times you have off.. travel, have nights out, meet up with people, chill.. whatever you fancy! But just have fun because honestly this course can be super intense at times and your relaxation time is extremely precious so dont waste it! Other than that good luck to you all starting now!! I hope you all love it!!


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