Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September Goals.


Wow, Seriously where is this year going! We are now into September, and it feels like I blinked and it suddenly flashed to the back end of the year! This is actually a pretty exciting month anyway, I really do love September - I love the weather and how its the transitional period between summer and autumn so its kind of acceptable to start getting all cosy again, I love that its my Birthday on the 14th so obviously all the excitement and celebrations come with that, and Im also going on holiday today which is super exciting also! 

This month in particular is also a little bit of a fresh start for me, Ive made some very important decisions which have been kind of difficult to make but also 100% required. Im also moving into my new flat when I get back from Croatia so im obviously super excited for that.


"My complete goal for this month is to stick to the decisions I've made so that I can reflect back & feel like a much happier and healthier person"

Just yesterday me and Simon were sitting having a discussion about how much has actually changed in the last year and I found it quite eyeopening and pretty scary to be honest. 2015 really hasnt been too great, infact its been a really tough year for one reason or another. A year ago if someone had told me that certain things would happen and I certain friendships/relationships would be no more, I would have said I dont believe you.. However this is honestly the reality. Some things have happened because I just cannot relate to certain people anymore, and for one reason we just dont gel as people.. but some have occurred because of natural things like growing apart. Im not unhappy with any of these decisions or friendships which have ended... yes its sad but its also right in the long run and completely natural also. Anyway, from thinking about this year as a whole i've decided that this is the month which turns around the year.. its time to start focussing on things which are important like my relationship, my job, my new life in sheffield, my amazing family & my amazing bunch of friends. 

Im super excited for a very chilled week in Croatia, followed by my birthday & moving into my new house and also getting completely stuck into my new job as well!! This will be my month as Im super determined to make the most of the amazing things going on that im really not going to let the negative things get to me anymore! 


So, here's to being happy, healthy & enjoying every moment this month surrounded by amazing people


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  1. Reflecting on the past can be a great thing but we definitely need to keep the future in mind and stay focused on that! X

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