Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rainy Days In Split

Ever been caught short on holiday at a beach destination when it rains? and feel a little bit stuck for things to do? Wellll here ive got a little guide for you all about things to do in Split when it rains or is a little bit too miserable to laze around on the beach! The lucky thing about Split as a holiday destination is that its a perfect blend between beach holiday and cultural break, so on the days that it rains its the perfect excuse to wander around the city admiring all the culture and architecture. Here i've put together a selection of photographs of recommendations for things to do on a not so sunny day in Split!

First things first - get hydrated! We stopped off at this amazing balcony bar which looked out on to the sea and the promenade. Ive never seen a balcony bar quite like this before, it literally felt like we were perched on a windowsill which was so odd. It was great though because you could just watch the world go by and be shielded from the rain whilst still being able to sit outside in the warmth with a cool drink! 

Next, we went for a wander around the Old Town. We'd had a little stroll around a couple of days before but didnt explore anything in any great detail because of the heat. However, the cloudy weather made exploring on this day perfect! The Old town is literally situated in the middle of Split and just behind the balcony bar which we enjoyed a drink in before. So walking between these places was definitely no issue. You can enjoy the underground markets as well which has loads of amazing stalls of gifts and souvenirs, and hand crafted products which you wouldnt find anywhere else! There is also the main square which is situated in the centre of the old town and is always extremely busy but the views are incredible and you can guarantee you will see a couple of dressed up roman soldiers wandering around which is great to get an additional image of what the place was probablies like years and years ago!  

Right then, this next bit for me was extremely testing. We had a walk around the cathedral and this included the crypt, the baptistery, the treasury and the bell tower. It was all super interesting and definitely a part of the city you need to see. I think it super important to wander around and read the history behind a place and learn something new. From standing in the old town square we realised lots of people seemed to be climbing the bell tower too, and obviously knew that there would opportunities for incredible photographs from the top. Upon walking up this tower my horrendous anxiety got the better of me, I did manage to do it but honestly it was very very testing and touch and go whether id turn around just come back down again. This is just my own personal issue with heights and to be honest everything about the climb up terrified me. However, when i got to the top I was overwhelmed by the incredible view and did manage to take a couple of photos, despite not being able to let go of the railings or walls etc. The photo of myself above was me smiling through a horrendous panic attach (purely for the photo and memory factor). I would completely recommend you do this if you go to Split, you cannot beat the incredible views from the top of the bell tower and you will regret not doing it too! Im very glad I did it despite my panic attack rocketing on the way down. I thought the way up the stairs would be bad but nothing compared to walking down. I was just super relieved to have my feet firmly on the ground again! 

Another thing we really wanted to do on this day was sample some of the amazing street food as opposed to sitting in a restaurant and eating something pretty standard. Whenever you walk past the incredible bakeries you can just smell the fresh pastries etc and we just desperately wanted to give it a go! I'd completely recommend trying some of the food they have - not only is it beautiful food but the value is unbeatable!! 

Finally, we had a proper wander along the promenade and saw all of these quaint old boats. I love exploring new places and seeing things like this. It also allowed for a beautiful view of the promenade and the old town! We walked along here with ice creams in hand and it was just great. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed a day full of exploring! It was such great fun and was the perfect day for it because it was still lovely and warm but the air felt much fresher! If you ever go to Split you may end up with weather like this too & so I hope this montage of things to do on a rainy day can give you some guidance and inform you that you dont need to sit in your hotel and be miserable for a day! Infact, go exploring and it will be the perfect day for it!!



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