Friday, 11 September 2015

Nip + Fab Bust Fix | Review

Having small boobs is literally so annoying sometimes, and then at others its a god send. Im also pretty sure that later in life i will be extremely grateful for my small chest, but sometimes the whole prospect of being on the smaller end of the scale can be extremely frustrating. 
In the past I have toyed with the idea of a boob job but been put off for various different reasons such as the cost, and the fact that the upkeep of having a boob job is a pretty continuous process meaning you need to have surgery every so often to keep them looking good. Recently, I have become much more comfortable in my own skin, maybe its because small boobs seem to be much more of a 'trend' at the moment and some of my favourite celebrities such as Kendall Jenner seem to embrace having a smaller bust. 
Anyway, to get what I thought may be a little bit of help I decided to give this Nip + Fab 'Bust Fix' Gel to see if I could enhance my chest in a much more natural way. I have been wanting to give a few of the Nip + Fab products a go for a little while now and did some research and hunted around to see where I could buy them cheapest! I actually bought this one from Superdrug and it cost something amazing like £8, (I'll leave some links down below for cheap places to purchase).
This product is basically designed to 'visibly plump + firm the appearance of skin around the bust' - and from reading other peoples reviews of this product it appeared that it worked drastically! From testing it out myself and using it once a day and sometimes twice I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference! I dont know if the difference I have noticed will be a long term one (most likely not) as I have been noticing that my boobs now seem to be changing size and it is quite obvious when I have and have not been using the product! Id say that to me this product definitely works in the short term, in that when you rub it in (in circular motions) it stimulates the fat cells underneath the skin which plumps and enlarges them - however I have found to notice that it doesnt last forever (which I am quite happy with), at the end of the day you cant exactly expect long term miracles from some gel in a tube! 
I am going to continue to use this when i go on holiday quite regularly as obviously being on holiday involves swimwear and having your chest on show much more - therefore obviously I want my chest to be enhanced as much as possible! 
Overall I am very pleased with it, and if you are like myself and not naturally blessed with as big of a chest as you'd maybe like, then Id recommend this if you want to see some results from a product in a bottle, however please bare in mind that the effects wont last forever!



  1. Interesting thing! But to my mind, small boobs isn't a problem! Many men and women prefer them than big breast! You can make sure . This article will change your mind!) Good luck)


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