Monday, 10 August 2015

Thoughtful gifting with Wish want.

Ever completely struggle what to buy someone for their birthday or just as a general gift? Or even that you know the person you are buying for just loves sooo many things that you cant decide which to choose for them? Well why not try out this website which allows you to narrow down some gift options for certain prices and allows the person you are buying the present for to choose their own gift. 
Basically what this website involves (as the present buyer) is that you create a list of products for a particular price, which you think the individual would love to choose from. These could be items such as beauty & skincare, homeware & decor etc. These items are all extremely unique and extremely good quality so you can be guaranteed that the present that your loved one will be getting will be a good one! 
As a tester to see what the service was like, i ordered the above glass vase.. this allowed me to follow the whole process and judge how quickly the delivery service was. The website allows you to create a card for your loved one which inside has a unique code which they need to insert at the checkout when choosing from their gifts. The items come extremely well packagaed and arrive promptly in approximately 2-3 days. 
I think the idea of an online present/gift website is a revelation! There has been soooo many times when i have struggled with what to buy people, but at least this way you can show your loved one that you have put that much thought into their gift that you have chosen a range of products you think they will like, and then they get to choose one themselves. 

Here is a direct link to the website guys, and i completely recommend that you even just remember about it for now.. and when it comes to buying for someone definitely have a little peak!


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