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The A-Z of Moving House

Todays post is something which I haven't done before.. and as an act of teamwork myself and simon have decided to do a joint A-Z post offering advice to others who are thinking about moving house or currently going through the moving process like myself. If you follow my social media you will know by now that we have moved to Sheffield in the last few days from Cardiff. This whole picking up our life and moving around the UK is becoming pretty routine to now, and we've both done it so many times already that I actually am pretty used to what is involved in the whole process. Granted the biggest move we've done so far definitely was the Co Durham to Cardiff one, this one is still a pretty large distance however with lots of positives attached such as being a stones throw away from home and being back in the North to our routes again. Continue to read to see our A to Z of moving house if you are searching for some inspiration or direction for the steps involved in this whole process... 

Accessorize - Be sure to make your place homely and unique to you. Beware of blue tac it causes more harm than good. Most landlords would prefer picture frames to posters.
Boxes - be sure to grab plenty of boxes and containers in the time up to the moving day.
Cars - Although the boot may look big when empty its surprising how quickly it fills up! Be sure to have friends/family on hand if it isn't practical to do return trips.
Deposit - Moving house isn't cheap, and the largest cost (for rental properties at least) is the deposit which usually constitutes a months rent plus £100. Add this to referencing fees, admin charges and your actual rent you're gonna need to set aside a whole lot of cash.
Electrics - Be sure to bring enough adaptors for your gadgets.
Fibre Broadband - If this is available at your new place and you can live without landline phones then definitely go for it. You'll enjoy super fast speeds and wont need to pay for line rental on top of your monthly bill!
Ground floor flat - Both myself and Simon have separately had ground floor rooms, having the blinds shut in the middle of summer is no fun and its definitely worth paying a little extra to be away from prying eyes. 
Home - If you accessorize and make the place feel homely you're more likely to treat it with respect. Not only will you feel more comfortable there but you're less likely to cause accidental damage. 
Inventory - If you dont have a formal inventory be sure to make a note of any existing damage (scuffs, scratches & marks) or you may get fined for damage you didnt cause when you move out
Job - Its a pretty essential thing to have when looking to move into your own house. At the end of the day you cannot move in somewhere and not have sufficient funds to pay for it so ensure you have a secure job so you can afford to pay your rent and not annoy your landlord.
Keys - Do you get a spare set? 
Location - Is living next door to your favourite bar really such a good idea? If you're moving to a city its good to be close enough to the amenities you need when you need them but far away to get away from the hustle and bustle and not be overwhelmed. If being in the centre of the action is your thing then that's fine, just make sure you understand what you will be getting into. 
Moving in - When the big day arrives make sure you have all the information you need like when and where to pick up keys, how to turn the hot water on, who to contact in an emergency etc
Noise - Are there any pubs, train stations, busy roads, building sites etc nearby? Bare this in mind for if you want peace and quiet or have to work shifts
Overlooking - Although a nice view isn't essential there are few things more depressing than a car park in the rain.
Parking - if you have a car dont forget to check about this! Some people may forget or assume you dont need to think about it. Be careful to see if parking is included in the cost of your rent or if there's any parking nearby!
Quality - When you move away from student houses and start renting as a professional you realise that much higher quality properties can be had for not much more money.
Reference - If you have had no problems in your last tenancy then it might be worth contacting your landlord for a reference. 
Shops - Are there any shops nearby (and how late are they open)? Especially if you have a car because remember that you'll have to carry your weekly shop!
Tax (Council) - If you're finishing Uni and starting your first 'proper' job be prepared for a hefty bill and be sure to account for it when looking at properties. Council Tax this year cost us the same as our internet and electricity combined!
Utilities - Not the most interesting part of moving house but be sure to give the required notice on you're existing contracts (typically 1 month) to avoid early termination fees and shop around for deals on your new place. Uswitch is a great website for comparing deals and opt in for paperless billing and paying by direct debit as their are extra discounts for doing so.
Visit - Check out the area, preferably in the day to make sure this is the kind of place you'd feel safe and comfortable. 
Water bills - check to see if these are included in your rent!
X - Ok you got me here
Yellow lines - If you dont have parking and have yellow lines outside your house this could become a problem if you want your car to stay safe. 
Zen - Be sure to create a nice relaxing environment so that when you've had a stressful day at work your home is somewhere which calms you. 


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your moving list:) You present the things much simpler than actually are. Best regards


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