Friday, 14 August 2015

Spectrum Collection Make Up Brushes

Ok ive said it once and il continue to say it a thousand times. Spectrum collection make up brushes are my absolute favourites. I am yet to find more beautiful, soft brushes than these ones. I own roughly around 10 in total but every time they bring out limited edition ones i just feel like my collection needs to expand! These 3 are brand new to my collection.. The 'part of your world - atlantis flat top buffer' brush, the 'feeling fancy small fan' and the ''brow love' angled brow brush. 
I have been hunting for a some of these kind of brushes for ages, for the purposes of blending my foundation much smoother, highlighting and strobing and defining my brows. Stupidly i thought about looking elsewhere and looking for more expensive ones when really i should have just looked straight back to my trusty favourites - spectrum! I actually think spectrum are amazing value for the insane quality of their brushes and i cant wait for them to bring out some new colours and designs - theres nothing better than having a dreamy set of make up brushes!! 
Another thing to probablies mention is that they actually work really well as well as looking amazing. They blend product beautifully, or work with any product exactly how you want. Ive got some future posts ready and scheduled to upload which involve these brushes too! So be sure to watch out for those! 
Here i have included some links for you guys to the website and also specifically to these beautiful brushes!!
Flat Top Buffer Brush
Small Fan Brush
Angled Brow Brush


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