Sunday, 23 August 2015

Rimmel London - Kate Moss Nude Collection Review

Ok im completely crazy for nude lipsticks anyway but when they brought this drugstore collection out i just knew i needed to buy myself some bits from it. 

At the moment I've only managed to grab myself a couple of the lipsticks but i have every intention of growing how many items i do have! Believe it or not this collection is extremely hard to get your hands on and 9 times out of 10 the colour you want is never available. 

I just wanted to do a little blog post to show you the colours ive got at the moment and how beautiful they are on the lips! The 2 shades of lipstick ive got are 45 and 48. Which are the 2 darkest shades in the nude spectrum of shades they have. This collection is designed to provide a flattering option for all skin tones and it definitely does that. Included in the collection is 5 lipsticks and a lip balm, and 5 nail polishes. After using the ones i have already got i can tell you now that they are amazing. The first time i wore 48 i was obsessed with it & turned to my mum and said 'ive found myself a new favourite nude' - i think this colour is going to be absolutely beautiful for autumn too! I cant wait to wear it some more!
If you want to get your hands on some of this collection you will definitely have to have a good rummage online - quite often they are sold out but when they arent you can usually grab them on 2 for 1 offers which is obviously so good!!


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