Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Penarth Pier & Pebble Beachs

Alright, its official ... i think this is my favourite photo shoot ever, definitely feel like im starting the second year of my blog with a bang. 
As i write this post im actually back up north again, and settled into my temporary sheffield flat before we find a place of our own. So, to me looking at these photos is a little bit emotional as i already miss Cardiff and exploring the beautiful area. These photographs were taken when myself and simon went on a little pebble beach walk in Penarth, which is actually a part of Penarth we hadnt explored yet! We are actually beginning to get a little track record of finding amazing little places right before we're about to leave!! However the way i see it now is that i truly did appreciate its beauty for the day entirely, and made the most of my time there! 
So for those of you who dont know Cardiff or Wales for that matter, Penarth is on the west side of Cardiff and is a small town within walking distance of cardiff bay. The area consists of this beautiful pebble beach, an old fashioned pier and the pavillion with lots of little ice cream stalls and cafes along the beachfront. I havent been to many pebble beachs before but honestly i cannot believe how beautiful they are. If you are ever in the area and want a nice afternoon out to chill and enjoy eating ice creams or fish and chips on the seafront, then id recommend you visit Penarth, its beautiful. Even if you dont want to go for this kind of thing, go for the photographs.. the area is so picturesque and there is literally photograph opportunities every time you turn your head. 
I will definitely miss Cardiff but it will always hold a special little place in my heart. I am a northern girl at heart however, and very happy for the next adventure in the steel city!!


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