Monday, 3 August 2015

My own little corner of the internet - 1 year at WhatLaurenLovess

AHHH so you guys may have guessed by reading the title today is 'whatlaurenlovess' 1st birthday!! What a fun first year its been, getting started and getting to grips with the whole blogging malarky and learning about what is in store for us bloggers!! I cannot quite believe how much my blog has grown in a year and how many opportunities actually come from writing a blog! 
Sounds cheesy as cheese can be.. but honestly my blog has filled a massive hole in my life which was there for a good 3 years while i was at university and wasnt able to show my creative side. Blogging has allowed me to express my love for make up, photography, writing, fashion, etc and im just completely grateful for this platform and how it has allowed me to express my opinions in a space which is just completely my own.. 'my own little corner of the internet'. 
Every single day i watch to see my blog grow and so pleased that theres been over 16000 clicks on here.. and it just makes me so happy to see that you guys actually like reading what i write and its not just me rambling on to myself. Dont get me wrong, id probablies blog anyway.. even if it was just for me.. but it pleases me so much that you guys read my opinions and posts! Sometimes, i see my blog as a diary.. if im feeling very reflective then i love to blog about my thoughts and anything im feeling.. and sometimes i feel like them posts are the ones which get the most views and you guys like to read? It also obviously makes me feel fulfilled talking about my thoughts so everyone wins really! 
In one year ive watched my whole blog develop. Dont get me wrong theres been many hurdles and obstacles over the year such as deleting my instagram at one point, having a lack of money to create particular content, having a lack of motivation or inspiration at times.. but im sure these are things that all bloggers suffer with at some point.. and ive come through them so far and learning how to overcome each issue im faced with. In the past year ive been invited to a few events and for one reason or another have not been able to attend some however my first event was back in october 2014 which was only 2 months into my blogging journey and i was super grateful to be invited!! I am very much looking forward to attending some more events in the future & meeting fellow bloggers like myself. Obviously its important to make blogger friends because we will have so much in common and plenty to talk about!
Anyway my aims for the next year are to continue developing and enjoying writing my blog as much as i do now, if not more. Continue to develop my content. Attend more events. Just continue to have fun in general and im super excited to see what my blogs 2nd birthday looks like and where im standing at that point!! 
Thankyou all so much again for being so supportive and listening to me ramble on about my favourite things, thoughts and opinions. You have no idea how grateful i am when i read your lovely comments. 


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