Sunday, 30 August 2015

Monochrome Sundays.

The weather recently has been extremely unpredictable, one minute its torrential thunder storms and the next its boiling hot sunshine - therefore this makes outfit decisions very difficult so you simply just have to take a wild guess what the weather will be like each day. 
I was going for a meal last sunday with my boyfriends family and the night before it was a horrendous thunderstorm and the day of the meal with literally the most beautiful sunny day! So, when i chose my outfit i decided I wanted to add a summery piece to it & this was definitely the white jeans. You can only get away with wearing white jeans in the summer months and other than that its just not acceptable! I decided to team my jeans with a beautiful chiffon Blouse with lace detailing to the bottom and an open back. Its nice and covered up and subtle enough for a meal, also quite dressy but definitely appropriate for if the weather suddenly turned and ended up being disgusting. Anyway luckily it didnt rain but the top stayed totally appropriate. 
Shoe wise, i decided to go for my trusty Ankle boots from Topshop. Reason number 1 was because I didnt actually know what shoes others were wearing so wanted to play it safe with some boots, reason number 2 was because i didnt want my feet to get soaked if it did rain, and number 3 because I obviously wanted to be comfortable. These boots are my go to shoes, I am obsessed with them and although they were extremely pricey i can definitely say ive got my moneys worth from them. 
All in all i loved this outfit. Ive had it in mind to wear for a while but just couldnt find the right time or occasion to wear it so this seemed perfect. Il try and find the items to tag or similar items below so you can grab them yourselves and try and piece this outfit together if you like it. 


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