Monday, 17 August 2015

Get ready with me - Summer evening

First things first - I take all my make up off from the day with my amazing Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter and some cotton pads. This stuff is amazing for removing every single speck of make up and leaving your skin feeling lovely and cleansed! Also it lasts absolutely ages so the value for money is great! Very much recommended!! 

Obviously then its shower time using all of your standard shower products! However, i just wanted to quickly mention the shampoo im currently using which is this Touch of silver colour care shampoo (im currently doing a review of this and the blogpost should be up for too long) so if you want to know how im getting on with it then keep your eyes peeled for that post! Also at this point i use some of my other trusty products like the Nip & Fab Bust Fix (review coming soon) and argon oil of morocco which i apply to damp hair right before drying it! 

Next is my favourite part! The make up part! I loveee spending time doing my make up and making it look just right. For tonights look i decided to go for a shimmery smoky eye & pink matte lips! I havent used my naked 2 palette in so long so i had a little play around and really loved the look i managed to create! I used my trusty Chanel lipstick in shade 'la romanesque' which is an amazing matte pink! Its very longlasting and feels so smooth on the lips (not drying like some matte lipsticks). 

Next I used the Babyliss Wave wand which is probablies one of the best things ive ever bought! I use this pretty much every time i go out (especially at the moment as my roots are horrific and curly hair looks much better than straight hair). I love the waves this wand creates as it keeps a lot of length in my hair which is what i need as im never 100% happy with the length of it!

Yet another pretty important aspect of going out on a night involves choosing your outfit and ensuring that its appropriate for the place your going out and the kind of bars you will be going in! I was just going for some drinks in a few bars with my boyfriend so didnt want to go all out wearing a dress! Instead i went for a sparkly cami from Forever 21 which is definitely night out appropriate as its covered in sequins but also very summery because of the colours and patterns! I wore it with some of my ripped jeans and some pink heels with a pink Ted Baker clutch & felt very subtle but dressed up appropriately for the kind of night out i was having!

aaand there we go! All finished off with a selfie! Very pleased with this shimmery girly look! I hope you all enjoyed this mini get ready with me, just for a snapshot of my routine & the kind of things i typically use to get ready for a night out! I will do some more of these in the future for different kind of nights out to show you the kind of things i would use to get ready for different occassions. 


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