Monday, 31 August 2015

A new city, a new job, a new home

Some of you will have realised by now but ive been living in Sheffield for the last month or so, but i didnt want to do this post until i felt like we were completely sorted and settled. Anyway, everything is completely falling into place now, we've signed for a cute little flat which is situated in the Broomhill area of Sheffield & in a converted red brick chapel! Its so beautiful. When Im all settled in and got everything exactly how i want it then il be sure upload a home related post. 
Im so content with everything right now, ive got a new job which i am in love with, live back in the North again, got my own car and completely lost my fear of driving, as this post goes live im currently at Creamfields festival and go to Croatia this week. Im also surrounded by amazing people, new friends, old friends, family & my boyfriend who all have their own special places in my life and i love spending time with them all. 
Before i moved to sheffield i was writing things on my posts along the lines of 'when is the excitement going to arrive for moving to sheffield' and for a few reasons i really wasnt looking forward to it, i was nervous to know nobody again and have to start a fresh when i felt quite comfortable in Wales. However, now i literally couldnt be happier.. so pleased with my new job, city & home. 
My new job is no word of a lie.. my absolute dream. Ive always wanted to be an intensive care nurse & now ive got this position i never want to part with it. Im so happy im in a job which involves using my brain to figure out things and solve problems. 
Id encourage anyone who is thinking twice about making some big choices about moving, or switching jobs etc to just go with it and make that move. Its the best thing ive ever done and i love having the option to go home to my hometown for a weekend and then walk away and return to my life elsewhere. 
Im so excited for this chapter, every single thing about it is different to what ive been used to so im just excited to see where im at in the next year and what i can reflect on. 


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