Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Mid Month Post - 'A Thought a Day'

So, for the last month ive been keeping a little bit of a 'thoughts of the day' diary.. Now at the time of starting this i was extremely skint and payday was still a few days away but so much was going on that i decided to start a 'thoughts of the day' post and post every day for one month. Im desperate to get my hands on a 'thoughts of the day' diary or something to this effect as im a very sentimental person and love nothing more than looking back on things and thinking about what i was feeling that day etc. I figured while i was waiting for payday i'd start it on here as its almost like a little reflective tool of my thoughts of each day and i guess i can look back and see how things may or may not have changed after the month. So I started this on the 16th July and as you may guess, today is 16th august so exactly one month later! I have also got myself a little diary now so im actually creating my own personal one of these in handwriting but i figured id do one to post on my blog as well! Enjoy guys! :)

16th July - Stay away from drama. Dont let others get in the way of something that you love and want.  
17th July - Today someone said to me at the end of my shift at work 'who's dog is that?' whilst pointing at me!! I know i look bad at the end of 12.5 hours but crikey... a dog! What ive learnt is dont take life too seriously & involve humour in every single day!! 
18th July - Why is it that no matter where me and simon are, we always find the best places when we are just about to leave? Today we found the cutest pebble beach near our place and we move in 11 days! 
19th July - Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
20th July - Creativity cant be bought :)
21st July - Payday! Happiest day of the year!!
22nd July - Being like "Goddd i really cant believe this!" then stopping for a second and thinking "actually, yes i really really can believe it!" 
23rd July - End of an era in Cardiff.. took my last trip into the city centre and had my leaving meal with some work colleagues. Ready for whatever is next in the story...
24th July - Packed up my flat today and it actually made me feel super sad. Im going to miss my first little home. Im hoping the excitement of moving again will arrive shortly...
25th July - Pray for Lauren
26th July - Im a lot braver than i give myself credit for! Need to remember how strong i actually am! 
27th July - girls are literally pure evil
28th July - Last day at work today and im literally overwhelmed with a whole range of emotions. 
29th July - Amazed by how some individuals spend forever planning moving house & umming and ahhing about it.. yet me and simon have just jumped in our cars today and driven 4 hours to move to a comple- completely different city again. 
30th July - 'Do something which scared you every single day' 
31st July - Some individuals are completely ruthless. Tonight my boyfriend and brother got beaten up for absolutely no reason, and lucky enough for them they came out of it ok but some people just dont even know how far they are taking things. Its ridiculous. 
1st August - Animal company is literally the best thing ever. Love my pets more than anything.
2nd August - Being around people who are like a breath of fresh air is the best thing. It was definitely needed. So refreshing to be around people who are just so positive and happy. 
3rd August - Ah i started my new job today! Well my induction at least. This whole meeting new people and moving cities is kind of becoming a breeze. 
4th August - Completely overwhelmed with how brave i am at the moment. Ive done so many things within the last week that absolutely terrify me and im so proud of myself. 
5th August - Cannot quite believe how much flack i take on a daily basis from people. I have to sit back and listen to what negative and nasty things people say about me to other people or via social media. Its extremely hurtful and i never retaliate which is obviously super difficult to handle. 
6th August - The feelings of stress, tiredness etc have made me look and feel completely unmotivated for the way i look or anything at the moment. Infact i feel completely like my motivation to wards everything has flown out of the window. I need a couple of days of rest and rejuvenation definitely. 
7th August - Amazing how taking all of my make up of and reapplying can make me feel a million times better.
8th August - Give me good music on a night out and im literally the happiest person ever. 
9th August - Funny how people who have slated every single thing you have done for years now copy everything you do. Its not even flattering haha.
10th August - Today has definitely made me realise that im capable of a lot more than i think i am at times. And also maybe more than people think i am! Its always nice to shock people in a good way :) 
11th August - Signed for our pretty new house today! So excited for the next chapter :)
12th August - Sometimes in life you really need to just push yourself to do things which you normally wouldnt do and you will be so pleased with yourself afterwards. 
13th August - Meeting new people who you instantly get along with is such a breath of fresh air! Makes me feel so positive and like im ready for new beginnings. 
14th August - I am literally so exhausted after working constantly for the last 2 weeks & having study days and fitting in events, house viewings and blogging. Excited for a weekend at home chilling with my favourite people & letting my hair down. 
15th August - Never in my life did i think id have cuddles with a hedgehog but hey ho! My boyfriend rescued a baby hedgehog from the side of the road a couple of weekend ago & we took it to his grandmas to see if she could look after it and now its completely tame & loves cuddles. Obviously i took full advantage of this today and had cuddles - check it out via my instagram -
16th August - I love meeting new people so so much! Especially when you get on with someone really well! Its so good to be surrounded by nice people! 

There we go then! Thats my month of 'thoughts a day' all completed! As you can see by all of the different thoughts each day how much can change in a matter of days and how you're feelings can fluctuate so much! I had fun doing this and its quite fun reflecting on all the feelings of the month! Why dont some of you try this? even if it just involves writing them down, its quite therapeutic. 


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