Wednesday, 15 July 2015

'You have to taste a bad apple to appreciate a good apple. You have to experience life to understand life'

May seem like the most daft of posts for a public blog... but im feeling very thought provoked and reflective after this week so i thought why not share my thoughts with you all and tell you why this week has been possibly one of the most eyeopening and thought changing weeks ever. 
So, in order to write this post ive popped my coldplay playlist on.. because i feel like coldplay just create songs which make you really consider life and they are very very thought provoking in themselves. May seem daft but whenever i listen to their songs i feel overwhelmed with a million different emotions from each one! 
Ok so im not going to go into a million explanations about how these feelings came about and where the whole thing stemmed from.. but basically one entire situation has made me learn SO much about myself, life and how to deal with certain situations. Now first things first, this post is not at all about me making people second guess whats happened, indirectly dig at anybody or be a secretive bitch behind peoples backs.. infact its literally the complete opposite. Every single thing that this post stands for is completely positive and im actually extremely pleased with beginning to feel a much needed happiness and realisation! 
So basically this week ive realised that 
1) life is far too short to worry about small things, big things will always be around the corner and you really shouldnt be naive to think that they arent! Just a word of warning to always be prepared for that 

2) I have literally got the best bunch of supportive people around me! My amazing boyfriend, family and friends. I feel like i need to tell each and every single one of the people who have helped me this week that I appreciate them so much and literally would be lost without them. 

3) Ive learnt that the only person who can truly make you happy, is you. Even if you are in the most positive situation in the entire world, if you have a negative attitude or bad thoughts it wont make you happy .. even if you believe that for that moment it will... it really wont! Ive learnt this week that if i have a negative mind and think badly, the only person im torturing is myself.. because at the end of the day nobody else can see what is truly going on in your mind! 

4) Do what you love and enjoy for the right reasons! Again, not a dig slightly and for me the things i do... i do because i love doing them! This means my job, my blog, my constant instagram feed, etc etc. I dont do things to spur a reaction from people or compete or whatever.. and thats me being genuine. When i do something its because i literally love doing it so much that i really wouldnt want to stop and cannot imagine myself not doing it! 

5) Learn from your mistakes, admit when you're wrong & dont say things which mean karma can come around and smack you in the face one day. 

6) Be very grateful and thankful for the select few people who would do anything to make you happy. So this means the small things like cute cosey nights with your other half - dont take them for granted they are very special in their own way! Also, the bunches of flowers, treat food, meals out or cute texts to make you smile! Always be thankful for these things! Having friends who get angry because they can see other friends arent being there for you as much as they think you deserve!! Having friends who check you're ok and make you smile! Keep your family close and always be honest with them.. my Mum has been amazing this week.. she gets angry when i get angry - for the right reasons! I am so grateful to have my Mum as my best friend .. i can rely on her 200%. 

The moral of this whoooole post is that basically what ive realised is Life is far too short so 'respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy'. And by this i mean, always do things to ensure you keep yourself happy! Never rely on anyone else to keep your happiness.. if something or a situation is making you unhappy, do what you need to do to keep it right.. but then just keep your distance. Be grateful for everything you already have and if you have it for the right reasons then respect it and appreciate it! If you love doing something, continue to do it and dont make anything about it be negative. What ive also learnt is .. with the right frame of mind you can reflect on a bad situation and learn a lot about your life and people around you in order to grow in the right direction. 

Anyone who is reading this... thanks for listening to me ramble, and i hope you have learnt something from this post! 


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