Friday, 3 July 2015

The Mum Tag

Happy July everyone! Wow this year is literally flying by!! As a welcome to July i thought i would do a tag post again - im going to make this a monthly thing so as its the beginning of the month i thought id start of with this for you! I do love the chattier posts involving other people as they are definitely a bit of fun! 
This post was purely written by my Mum so lets get on with itttt.. 

1. What was I like as a child?

As a child you were always talkative, even when you didn't have anything of importance to say you would just find something to talk about. As you had a younger brother you were always in charge, he always played YOUR games bless him. You were always together.

2. Name something funny I did when I was younger?

You were never fussy about your appearance as the photos show and generally looked like you'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, thankfully you grew out of that too. Whenever we went on holiday you were always In charge of the plays you insisted on putting on for us and when one of your brothers bottled it and refused to perform you were so upset that they'd ruined your hard work you would sulk terribly.

3. Have you ever learned anything about beauty or make up from me?

You keep me up to date with the latest trends on makeup. I think an eyebrow pencil was the last thing I bought after watching you. Before that I can honestly say I've never owned an eyebrow pencil. The lip pencils you've shown me recently might have to be my next acquisition.

4. What's a weird habit of mine?

Thankfully I don't think you have many weird tendencies. The fact that when you come home you leave your bedside lamp on throughout the night because you don't like the dark is odd I think at your age. Also when your hungry you go to the fridge and eat 1 slice of ham rather than make something like a sandwich out if it is strange.

5. What is one thing you wish i would do?

I wish you were less bothered about what other people think. A little less sensitive maybe.

6. Where would you like to see me in 10 years?

I'd like to see you settled in a nice area, hopefully with a job you love. Maybe married if that's what you want and possible having or thinking of having a child. My main wish is that your happy in whatever you choose to do.

7. When were you most proud of me?

That's the toughest question yet. I would say I've always been proud of you. You try so hard to achieve your goals who wouldn't be proud of such effort. But if I were to pick one occasion at the moment it would be the day pf your graduation, it was fab.

8. What is something I do which annoys you?

I get annoyed when you moan about things you can't change or won't change All seems pointless to me.

9. What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Maybe driving a quad bike into a stone wall was not your best idea

10. What's your favourite moment of us together?

I can't think of one favourite at the moment but I do love it when you come home for a few days and we have a glass of wine and we sit and chat for hours and you fill me in on all the stuff that you've been up to

11. If I was ordering food in a restaurant what would I order?

Tough one as you like lots of different foods. I would say something a little spicy like enchiladas maybe

12. What do I obsess over?

Deciding what to wear on a night out

13. If we were going to go on holiday together anywhere, where would we go?

Maybe Italy. Somewhere near to the sea that has a lovely pool and lots of cafe/bars for on an evening

14. What do we argue most about?

I don't think we've argued for years now. We used to when you were a teenager and you were just feeling stroppy and I was an easy target

15. What would you change if you could raise me again?

Another tough one. Most things are out of your own control so all you can do is react accordingly. But I guess it would be maybe to have had more available income to have been able to go places and do things on a weekend.



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