Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Garage Spa || The Morrit Hotel - Review

A different kind of review today! Today i thought that i would tell you all about my spa day with one of my best friends Ruth from 'Pretty Little Gym Addict'. Basically, myself and ruth are huge lovers of spa days and love nothing more than a chill and a good old natter! We always do our spa days here at the garage spa and as you can see from the above photos its such a nice location! 
So we got the 'Mummys own time' spa deal today because although we both are not mums we liked everything about this deal! We chose to go from 10am to 2pm and this time included 4 hours of time in the spa, a 25 minute treatment and a light snack. Now, the facilities in the spa include a selection of indoor hot tubs (all different sizes and temperatures), an outdoor sauna, an indoor steam room, salt room and then the use of the showers, bathrooms, lovely outdoor pateo and also you get unlimited cucumber and lemon detox water! 
About halfway through the day we had our treatments, mine was a 25 minute massage, and Ruths was a body scrub - both of which left us feeling incredible afterwards! You could also choose from manicures, pedicures & facials. 
Finally, in our deal we also got lunch which was a selection of sandwiches, cucumber & carrot sticks, bruchetta and a dip of choice. Not going to lie though... i did wash it down with a lovely glass of rose! 
All of this only cost an amazing £55!! If you live in County Durham or North Yorkshire or even just fancy a spa day or you are spending a little time in the area... i completely recommend the Garage spa! I will link their website below so go check them out and book yourself a little something :)! 
Thank me for recommending them later!! 




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