Friday, 31 July 2015

That Camel Floppy Hat...

If you havent noticed already... im a little bit obsessed with hats. My Mum has always said I can get away with hats and i really suit them etc etc but to be honest.. ive never really had the bottle to wear different ones until over the last year or so. Moving away from my hometown and to a completely different place has done me the world of good in so many ways, and developing confidence to wear whatever i want is definitely one of those things! It may seem ridiculous but if you were to wear a hat like this in a small town or even just something a little bit different, people would probablies look at you like an alien. What ive come to realise now is that i dont really care what people think of what i wear, my style and fashion is unique to me... and shouldnt offend anyone or give anyone the right to stare and question it. 
Anyway, back to the hat as im super good at going off on a tangent and completely dodging the topic of my posts. What i particularly love about these hats is how unbelievable chic they look, and dress any outfit up! Like for example people wear them for events such as the races, weddings, evening meals abroad or even that you could be wearing a pretty casual outfit like leggings and a tee like above and still it will knock your outfit up on the chic scale by like a million! This one is my ultimate favourite as its a beautiful camel colour which i just love and its also made from what feels like pretty good quality material, which i really cannot grumble at considering i paid an amazing £15 for this hat! I am so looking forward to continuing to experiment with my style some more - who knows what staple items the upcoming months will bring! Look out for more posts featuring my hats this summer.. between buying hats and sunglasses im probablies going to be poor again extremely soon!


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  1. Looking great! Love the hat :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs


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