Monday, 27 July 2015

That Aura Ldn Statement Necklace

I recently did a blog post featuring the amazing Aura Ldn Necklaces and styling them with particular outfits for the appropriate occassion.. this was actually part of a blogger competition, and after submitting and waiting a couple of weeks to find out the winner.. i was emailed with the exciting information that i had won!! I was super pleased as i put a lot of effort into my post and really thought long and hard about each of the look's i was putting together.. i spent literally hours scouring the internet hunting for the right pieces so im very happy that the hard work paid off!! 
Anyway, the reward was that i was sent my own piece from the new statement necklace collection and i guess this meant it was the perfect opportunity for me to style it up myself! The necklace i was sent was actually the 'palace gardens' necklace which is one of their biggest most extravagant pieces. When i put this necklace into a lookbook for my entry to the competition, i created the following edit.. 
So as you can see from this, I thought because it was super statement it needed to be paired with some pieces which allowed it to work its magic and not distract from the glowing jewels. Using some of my current wardrobe pieces i put together quite a subtly sexy combo of a lace bralet and kimono overlay. I feel as though the beautiful white lace completely allows for the amazing detailing on the necklace to stand out, and this is exactly what i wanted to capture with my photographs. I do feel as though because these necklaces are super extravagant you do need to be wearing a simple outfit in order to create the right look! Im looking forward to playing around with this necklace and styling it up with a few different pieces to see what kind of looks can be achieved. This one I do particularly love and feel the beautiful silver stands out just right with the white lace. I totally recommend you guys give AuraLdn a follow on social media and check out their page.. why not see what looks you can create with a dazzling statement necklace too?!

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